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About Seafoot Games

Luke the Cartographer

The one who founded the business and creates the maps. Luke’s journey began when his older brother threatened to disinherit him. That is, unless he started posting his homebrew TTRPG battlemaps online. 😛 

As a result, rather than spend the rest of his days exiled with The Knights Watch, he began sharing his creations with the world. Since then, the positive response he received has encouraged him to pursue his passion full-time, and he now sells his battlemaps through this site’s shop, DriveThruRPG, and Patreon subscriptions.

Darth Bebith

Beb’s Luke’s soulforged Dark lady of the Sith wife and the enthusiastic mind behind many adventures. She deals with writing and graphic design, the technical side of the business (a.k.a taxes T.T), plus made and manage the website.

Most importantly of all, however, she gives Luke snuggles… and eats all his snackos like the true agent of chaos she is :3

The Start of Our Adventure

Seafoot Games started in 2018, when Luke and Beb were camping around Australia in an old red sedan and a hiking tent. They powered their laptops off a couple of solar panels, while cooking on a portable gas stove. Because they had almost no expenses, Luke could paint his maps while Beb was a freelance marketer. 

This merry life continued until Beb came down with a sudden case of appendicitis and nearly died in the woods. Needing to recover in a clean environment after surgery, they returned home to live with their parents. There Luke continued to slowly grow Seafoot Games, while Beb got a full-time job and helped from the sidelines whenever she could (and cooked tasty Beb-meals). 

In 2020 the business grew to a point where they could no longer handle on their own. Because of this Luke’s really selfless brother, Tim, volunteered to help them with the work they couldn’t do. In 2021, Beb left her full-time job and now Luke and her are doing what they love every single day, which is an absolute dream come true. They are so thankful to all you incredible GMs who made that happen <3

Meet the Rest of Our (Growing) Family!

Tim the Troll

Also known as Luke’s oldest brother, Tim formats our maps for easy home printing, helps us with FoundryVTT questions, plus sorts our maps by theme for our mega-bundles which is a HUGE help. He is also known to troll Beb and anyone else who’s chain he can yank, and enjoys lurking under our bridge.


Simkin’s not a fickle shape-changing teapot from The Darksword Trilogy (written by our Dragonlance heroes, Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman). But she was named after him! 

Instead, Simkin’s our snuggle-loving Maine Coon cat! She plays with us when we’re meant to be working, and makes sure we’re getting enough purrs to heal after our TTRPG misadventures!


Named after a Patryn from the Death Gate Cycle, Haplo’s our White Swiss Shepherd. In the story (also written by our Dragonlance heroes), Haplo adopted a dog he named Dog. As a result we thought we’d switch things around and name our dog Haplo.

His essential role involves taking his humans for daily walks, as well as luring in strangers for pats.