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Creator Commercial Use License

Last updated May 06, 2022

Subscribers to the Creator Commercial Use License tier on our Patreon are allowed and encouraged to use our maps and map assets (provided on our Patreon, DriveThruRPG publisher page, or website) in their commercial projects.

This excludes any content made by another creator as part of a collaboration, and also prohibits the use of our adventures, adventure prompts, adventure seeds, and illustrations.

Licensees are encouraged to stay subscribed and keep making content as we’d like to build an ongoing relationship with you, but you MUST be subscribed for the duration of the creative and primary marketing life of your project.

You do not have to stay subscribed forever, and your use license is still applicable after you unsubscribe, but you must be subscribed for at least 60 days after the publication date of your project.

There is no monthly limit to how many maps or map assets you may use.

No high-res downloads. Maps and map assets may be used for reference in your printed projects and for 300dpi digital PDFs, but you may not include the full resolution maps or assets as part of a ZIP file or map pack.

For example, if you write an adventure for The River Styx map, you can include a full page, watermarked version of it in your PDF, but you can’t provide the high-resolution files for gameplay (for example VTT use or printing) as part of your package.


You must include Luke’s name in the credits and link to our website: “Maps by Luke Seefuss, a.k.a Seafoot Games |”. While we appreciate callouts on the page where the map is used beneath or beside the map (for example: “Get the full-size version of this map at”), this is not a requirement because we understand it might not result in a professional layout. 🙂

You must include the Seafoot Games Watermark on all maps. Both black and white files are provided below. The watermark must be clearly displayed in one of the corners of the map. It must be at least 2 inches wide in print or about ¼ of the width of the map. The aspect ratio and color may not be altered, and you may not reduce it below 50% transparency.

Notification of Use

Creators using our content are required to notify us of their projects. We love seeing your work! 🙂

You may mashup, edit, and alter maps and assets, but you need to run the final creation by us (we just want to make sure it doesn’t look terrible). Once trust has been established this won’t be a requirement anymore. 🙂

Restrictions on Use

Seafoot Games maps and map assets are intended for use in adventures and supplements. The following restrictions apply:

  • 1,000 word minimum.
  • No repackaging and reselling as map or asset packs.
  • Cropping, editing, recoloring, and mashups must be approved by us in writing.
  • It cannot appear that your project is an official Seafoot Games release or that it is endorsed by us.
  • You cannot use our content for T-shirt, posters, or other products out of the scope of this license.

We reserve the right to cancel this license, without refund, at any time for creators we choose, for any reason (such as but not limited to cases where we think the content’s damaging to our brand or reputation, we deem it offensive or immoral).

Further Use

This blanket license is intentionally restrictive. Feel free to contact us directly to discuss use of our content without watermarks, at full resolution, etc. Please include a flat sum or profit-sharing offer in your message.


You can contact us at or through the Patreon messaging system.