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Wellspring Caverns 40×30 TTRPG Battlemap

$2.99 USD

Rocky stairs lead you out of the forest and into the cave where the dripping of water can be heard in the distance. Over many years water has eroded the rough floor leaving a large pool that seems to be getting fed via a stream that leads deeper into the cave.

You ascend into a small rocky cove before descending down a small staircase and into a large open cavern. Some stone pillars block your view but all around you are meandering streams of pure water and lush ferns and moss. Jumping from small rocky island to island you make your way across and to another set of stairs which lead up to open cavern where some type of beast may have once lived.

What You Will Receive

A battlemap split into separate files for one-click home printing, as well as easy use in VTTs such as Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, Foundry, and other VTT apps.

The files are:
  • A home-printable, A4 .PDF of the gridded map at 300dpi, spread over several pages.
  • 300dpi gridded map A0 .JPEG (pre-scaled for easy poster printing).
  • 300dpi un-gridded map .JPEG for VTTs (super-high resolution and great for table TVs).
  • 72dpi .JPEG of the un-gridded map for VTTs (low file size, fantastic for online VTTs).


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