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Hardcore GM’s Battlemap Bundle – 520+ Double-Sized TTRPG Maps & Adventures for $39

(7 customer reviews)

Original price was: $2,234.00.Current price is: $39.00. USD

If you enjoyed our Quarantine Bundle, this is our newest and greatest bundle. The Hardcore GM’s Battlemap Bundle has 520+ Double-Sized TTRPG Maps & Adventures for $39! They’re double the size (40″x30″) of those in the Quarantine Bundle, with 255 fantasy adventures! Plus, the maps are even better than our earlier work!

Over five hundred and twenty. That’s the number of TTRPG sessions you’ll be able to play after adding this bundle to your library, excluding how much easier they’ll be thanks to the one-shot adventures written for 255 of the maps! With 520+ 40×30 inch battlemaps at the ready for anything from castle takeovers to enchanted forests and dungeons, it’s cheaper than ever (and way more convenient) to start DMing right now! Get hardcore. It won’t break your bank account and makes a great gift idea.

255 adventures included for free!

255 of these maps come with system-agnostic adventure PDFs, written just for the maps. With this bundle, you can easily hook into your existing campaign with fun one-shots! Some of these are in separate adventure .PDFs. Adventure awaits, huzzah!

Download everything in one .ZIP from this Hardcore GM’s Battlemap Bundle – 520+ Double-Sized TTRPG Maps & Adventures for $39

Save all the content at once in a few easy clicks. Inside your download you’ll find subfolders sorting the battlemaps by their themes (underwater, forest, coasts, towns, otherworldly, underground, etc.). 🙂

VTT-Compatible JPEGs

Use them on your favorite VTT site or software like Roll20, Foundry, Fantasy Grounds, Astral, EncountersPlus (for tablets) etc. They’ll work anywhere you can upload .JPEGs and each map is less than 5MB, which works great with a free Roll20 account.

Effortless Home-Printing and Poster Printing

A home print .PDF is included for each battlemap, with instructions at the front for how to print so it’s easy – even for beginners! On top of that, they also come with A1 or A0 poster files for printing at your local Office Depot or Staples.  If you’d like to try this process before committing, download and print a free battlemap here!

Stream and Make Videos with the maps in this Hardcore GM’s Battlemap Bundle – 520+ Double-Sized TTRPG Maps & Adventures for $39

If you want to use these maps on Twitch, YouTube, etc. you absolutely can! Just give us credit when doing so. If you have any questions about this check out our super short and simple personal use license, or contact us 🙂

Each Map Comes In A Few Different Files

This includes a 72dpi .JPEG file for VTTs, a 300dpi .JPEG for poster printing (such as A1 or A0), and a .PDF document for home printing. The latter document has a few extra pages at the front with printing instructions, to make the process extra-easy.

Gridded and Ungridded Versions Included

Each map comes with two files that are gridded and suited for printing, but the additional VTT maps are not gridded (this is because online apps will add their own grid).

Click buy now for instant access to the Hardcore GM’s Battlemap Bundle of 520+ Double-Sized TTRPG Maps & Adventures for $39 and start playing as soon as you like!

7 reviews for Hardcore GM’s Battlemap Bundle – 520+ Double-Sized TTRPG Maps & Adventures for $39

  1. Robert Danbert (verified owner)

    I like these a lot. I’m running a seafaring steampunk homebrew campaign for 5e most every week. I’m not very creative with improvising, so the adventure prompts, seeds, and map descriptions are a huge help in sprinkling in side quests. A small criticism would be some of the maps look similar in layout to each other with a different color scheme. For example, the elven village looks like the sommerset village except for the red colored foliage. I’m nitpicking since this can be helpful when day/night cycles, different seasons, battle aftermath, or natural disasters for similar locations are needed. The underwater temples and shrines look amazing and I’m set for shores, coves, reefs, islands and giant turtle submarines for a while.
    I got this Hardcore GM’s bundle with a 20% coupon discount and later received a partial refund when they offered a better deal via the “Biggest Battlemap Bundle Ever” since I’d bought the Quarantine bundle before. I’m very happy with their customer service.

    • Darth Bebeth (verified owner)

      Hi Robert! Thanks so much for your kind review. 🙂 I forgot to mention this earlier, but we also have two other bundles which have half the amount of variant maps (maps based on a similar layout, some GM’s call them reskins) in them while still having all the base maps (unique layouts) from this Hardcore GM’s Bundle. The bundles with half the variants are The Tactical GM’s Bundle and the Prepared GM’s Bundle, though they are sorted randomly. But for other GM’s reading this, those two bundles might be a better option if you want less variant maps! 🙂

  2. Ryan Jones (verified owner)

    I run two weekly games and while I do like making my own maps having these on hand always to be able to pull out a quick map when my players throw me for a loop and go in a direction I didn’t plan for is so great. They are really well designed for 5e and since this is the second bundle I’ve bought form them I’ve actually started planning some combats around these maps so I can show off Seafootgame’s great work.

  3. Joshua6 (verified owner)

    As many DM/GMs know, the world behind the scenes has changed. With the onset of the pandemic virtual has replaced in-person for many of us and if you are a DM/GM like me, these map bundles from Seafoot are a god-send. Not being blessed with the artistic skill to draw I find the current map-makers being adequate but still a bit clunky or not filled with enough appropriate fiddly bits. Having well designed and thought through maps at hand is amazing. It’s helped circumvent a time-sink and mildly anxiety inducing part of DM/GMing for the not-artistically inclined (me). So thank you. Keep doing what you do and know that there is at least one DM out there who’s new campaign got off the ground with a joyous celerity due to your maps.

  4. Joseph13 (verified owner)

    Every map in these packs has been fantastic. There is such variety here, and they fit all variety of settings/campaigns. From forests to cities to cloudtop districts it’s amazing. They have been invaluable to me as someone who is running a campaign that is adventuring through different biomes. Loved the quarantine bundle so much I got this one as well. Customer service has been fantastic as well. Can’t recommend highly enough!

  5. Robert Schmautz (verified owner)

    I have purchased both The Hardcore DMs Bundle as well as their Quarantine bundle. I run a virtual tabletop for in person games. The maps produced by Seafoot Games are truly incredible quality! The amount of maps and variations for the price is an incredible deal and the quality is amazing. Not to mention the fact that you also receive files of printable size and quality as well. There are a few more variations of the assorted maps than I might prefer, but on the flip side you can always find a variation that will suit almost any need. As of the time of this review Seafoot Games is the only cartographer I have purchased content from and I am never disappointed. I look forward to their next release and will absolutely continue to support them as a publisher!

  6. Ciaran M (verified owner)

    As per usual, this is another great map set. Player’s running off and doing their own thing? No problem. Creating your own world and need some maps to populate your world? No problem. Forgot to prepare and are now up the creek without a paddle? Slight problem but this will help. Maps are gorgeous, constantly get told by my players how good they look and impressed they are. The variety and amount are awesome and make any campaign better, especially for the price. Thanks guys!

  7. Timothy2 (verified owner)

    Seafoot has done it again. These maps are outstanding and varied enough that you could probably run an entire campaign off this pack alone!

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