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Aeraveska Adventurer’s Guide TTRPG Battlemap Bundle

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Welcome to the flying city of Aeraveska! Once glorious, this steampunk monolith has fallen into ruin and grown politically divided as the city cannibalises upon itself for its own, continued survival. Some factions argue that they should remove all land-dwellers from the city, and take the resources they need to remain afloat from the lands below–through force…

This adventurer’s guide also has two, completely free adventures with battlemaps thrown in as a juicy extra! ^.^

As always, we hope you LOVE this guide! So much time and care went into the worldbuilding, art, and adventures! Your character and setting ideas were so awesome to bring to life, and we’ve all done our best to do them justice. Now they’re immortalized in TTRPG lore forever!

This is a test for our new Patreon tiers, so if you like the guide, please join whichever of those tiers you can afford so more guides like this–born from your ideas­–become a regular monthly occurrence. To get your ideas added to our next premium guides, join the $10 tier. If you just want to get the guides but not contribute ideas, subscribe to the $7 Tier 🙂


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