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Craobh Agus’tur Adventurer’s Guide

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Craobh Agus’tur is finally “real”! Luke and I hope you and your players LOVE exploring the incredible, divided land it turned out to be. Our supporters character and setting ideas were so awesome to bring to life, and we’ve all done our best to do them justice. Now they’re immortalized in TTRPG lore forever!

Download the guide for free and tell us what you and your friends think! Remember, this is a test for our new Patreon tiers. If you like the guide, please join whichever of those tiers you can afford so adventure guides like this–born from our supporters ideas­–become a regular monthly occurrence. Making one alone cost us approximately $1,500, so any and all support to keep these going would REALLY be appreciated 😅

Our next free adventurer’s guide will be out in April! If you join the $10 Tier, we’re already collecting ideas for our first exclusive May adventurer’s guide and would love to hear yours. But, if you just want the May guide (and the guides after that!) instead of having your ideas immortalized, subscribe to the $7 Tier 🙂

Hope you and your friends enjoy this free guide to Craobh Agus’tur! \(^.^)/


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