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Craobh Agus’tur Adventurer’s Guide

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Download Craobh Agus’tur Adventurer’s Guide and take your players to this village built on the coast between a lush forest and calm waters. It’s an old settlement home to a few hundred people, consisting of farmers, shipwrights and mages going about their daily lives in peace. Here, the weather is pleasant, the waters calm and the people productive

It wasn’t long ago when war cast its long shadow over the town, leading to the death of dozens of people and the destruction of many homes.

The population was predominantly human, until gnomish refugees fled the strife further inland and made their stand with the people of Craobh Agus’tur against their attackers. Now, in the aftermath, they’re building new homes here after losing everything but their lives. All of the residents of this village work together and look out for each other, a community forged in the fires of war which only grows stronger by the day.

Travelers are generally welcome, though some who walk the streets will cast a nervous eye at any newcomers, still wary of those from outside the town after recent dark events. Craobh Agus’tur is loosely governed by prominent members in town, such as the wizard Ichorath, the Dockmaster Corin Blackwell, and the Guard Captain Mothus Barkton, but the unlikely person everyone defers to is Meadmaster Fuzzington, who offers wise counsel and general good advice to those running the town, even if he deplores the role.

Download this Craobh Agus’tur Adventurer’s Guide today for at least 1 session in this beautiful location protecting an absurdly dangerous meadery, and watch your players struggle not to let perfectly good brew kill them. Will they side with Meadmaster Fuzzington, or sneaky recipe thieves?


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