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Fellspire Adventurer’s Guide TTRPG Battlemap Bundle

$7.00 USD

Download this Fellspire Adventurer’s Guide TTRPG Battlemap Bundle and become vampire slayers! Take your players to this gothic fantasy city and spend at least six sessions rooting out a secret vampire cabal with the included grimdark adventures and battlemaps. 

Once ruled over by a ruthless vampire elite, the people of Fellspire spent many generations trapped within the city’s spiked walls. Starved and beaten as slaves, then eaten like cattle for the vampires, many lived without hope until a secret vampire hunters guild was formed. After a long and bloody struggle, roughly 200 years ago the guild prevailed and the vampire scourge was finally driven out.

Because of this, Fellspire has become known for its annual, week-long masked festival celebrating their freedom. Unbeknownst to the populace, however, is that an ancient and terrible vampire who survived the initial purge of Fellspire has returned, intent on reclaiming the city he sees as his and restoring the “rightful order”. Over the last few decades, this vampire and his followers have been slowly and carefully expanding their influence, through creating new vampires, thralls, and bribing those within the higher castes–and killing any who refuse. 

The first place they infiltrated and destroyed was the only threat to them; the vampire hunters guild. Now, the vampires stand unchallenged to enact their diabolical plans. Will your players step up and become the vampire slayers this city needs, saving it before it falls to darkness again? Or will they side with the vampires, choosing instead power and eternal life? 

Download this Fellspire Adventurer’s Guide TTRPG battlemap bundle today for 6+ grimdark vampire hunting sessions, and watch your players struggle through morally gray scenarios. 

6 Battlemaps with One-Shot Adventures Included

This illustrated, 29 page Adventurer’s Guide contains 6 battlemaps with system-agnostic adventures written just for them, a map of the town, locations, a list of factions, important NPCs (portraits included), more adventure seeds, plus 3 illustrated digital item cards with loot your players can find!

FoundryVTT Ready

The included battlemaps are ready for Foundry VTT with walls, lighting, ambient sound and some animations. The maps also come as several files. Griddless .jpegs so they can easily be used in other VTT software like Roll20, as well as gridded home-print A4 .pdfs, and A1 or A0 gridded poster print files for professional printing at places like Staples or Office Depot. If you have any difficulties setting them up, we’re also always just an email away!

Get your ideas added to our next guide!

This guide was created with our new Patreon tiers, where subscribers get their homebrew ideas immortalized in TTRPG lore forever. If you’d like to have your setting, NPCs, or items included in our next guide, join our $10 Forger of Worlds tier and we (along with the help of The Art of Caustic and author Stephen L. Nowland) will bring them to life for a lot cheaper than commissioning creators yourself–plus a lot of other GMs will be able to enjoy your creations afterwards, too!


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