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Illegal Sewer Brewery 40×30 Battlemap with Adventure

$2.98 USD

You’re a DM. Your players are thirsty for adventure and you need to keep them entertained.

We know that your players want to explore new places, meet interesting people, and probably kill them (murder hobos that they are). But what if they could do all of those things in the same place? And what if they could drink while doing it?! That’s where this Illegal Sewer Brewery 40×30 TTRPG battlemap with Adventure comes in!

This undercity battlemap is perfect for any party looking to make some coin and rickety-wreck things on the black market. It has everything you need—including a bar, an office for tax-free income (and loan-sharkery), as well as multiple levels in the brewery itself so your players can push enemies into vats during encounters!

This map is a higher-resolution than the free version we give away, which is great to use with VTTs like Foundry, or easily print at home with our included .PDF (it has instructions at the front, if you like you can trial printing a map here). It also includes an optional grid overlay so you can play with miniatures as well as tokens on top of the map itself! Plus, you can get the map printed professionally at stores like Staples or Office Depot, if you like.

On top of all that, this Illegal Sewer Brewery 40×30 TTRPG battlemap comes with a detailed adventure prompt written just for it (give it a read here, you won’t be disappointed)! So, if you’d love to use this map for a great one-shot with minimal effort, it’s the map for you! Download it today and have a fantastic next session with your friends, quick and easy.

What’s in the download for this Illegal Sewer Brewery 40×30 TTRPG Battlemap with Adventure: 

  • A one-shot, system agnostic adventure module .PDF, written just for this map!
  • A home-printable, A4 .PDF (300dpi) of the gridded map, spread over several pages so you can easily print it home then cut and glue the map together. If you’d like to try this process before committing, download and print a free battlemap here!
  • A gridded A1 .JPEG that you can take to Staples or Office Depot for poster printing so you don’t need to cut and glue the map together (pre-scaled and 300dpi resolution).
  • A  .JPEG great for playing on table TVs, that’s super-high resolution (300ppi), ungridded, and watermark-free.
  • A .JPEG of the map for online VTTs, that’s low file-size (72ppi), ungridded, and watermark-free.


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