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Mechanist’s Guild of Aeraveska Multi-Level 40×30 Battlemap with Adventure

$2.98 USD

Download this Mechanist’s Guild of Aeraveska Multi-Level 40×30 Map with Adventure and take your players to this steampunk city building. In the heart of a bustling city in the sky waits this Mechanist’s Guild. The skilled mechanists inside it are responsible for keeping the flying city of Aeraveska afloat, in spite of its old and rusting state. 

With this map and its detailed one-shot adventure featuring political extremist Magnus Sharpe’s cronies taking the Grand Artificer captive and threatening to kill him, you’ll save so much time as you prepare for a fun session. The battlemap comes ready for both VTTs and easy home (or professional) printing—so you can use it no matter how you prefer to run your sessions!

Grab this map and adventure now for a fun and easy session with your friends! 

What’s in the download for this Mechanist’s Guild of Aeraveska Multi-Level 40×30 Map with Adventure: 

  • A one-shot, system agnostic adventure module .PDF, written just for this map!
  • A home-printable, A4 .PDF (300dpi) of the gridded map, spread over several pages so you can easily print it home then cut and glue the map together. If you’d like to try this process before committing, download and print a free battlemap here!
  • A gridded A1 .JPEG that you can take to Staples or Office Depot for poster printing so you don’t need to cut and glue the map together (pre-scaled and 300dpi resolution).
  • A  .JPEG great for playing on table TVs, that’s super-high resolution (300ppi), ungridded, and watermark-free.
  • A .JPEG of the map for online VTTs, that’s low file-size (72ppi), ungridded, and watermark-free.


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