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Pleasantville & the City of Mages Adventurer’s Guide TTRPG Battlemap Bundle

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Download Pleasantville & The City of Mages Adventurer’s Guide TTRPG Battlemap Bundle and navigate various comedic misadventures brought about by wizards, sorcerers, necromancers, and more. Take your players to this chaotic location and spend at least 14 funny sessions doing the most odd or insane things you can imagine, all because magic–and its eccentric users–are involved.

Nestled upon a mystical ley line, where the veil between the planes of existence is thin, waits the peculiar town of Pleasantville. A seemingly quaint village, Pleasantville rests upon a barren plain, boasting only a modest sixteen or so dwellings and some few inhabitants who, by all appearances, bear perhaps a touch of brain damage.

Built along a highway that leads nowhere but an old, forgotten stone arch, Pleasantville is the subject of constant magical surprises and peculiar happenings. The locals neither seem to notice nor care that there is a daily parade of carts and travelers who traverse their town’s highway, and as they pass through the ancient arch, vanish into the very fabric of existence.

Beyond this portal lies an extravagantly chaotic realm—a metropolis of magical mayhem known as the City of Mages. With a hot, humid climate completely different to that of Pleasantville, the City of Mages stretches along a pristine coastline, and old wizards, witches, and sorcerers can often be found hiking their robes up on the white sands while walking or sunbathing.

Likened to a never-ending circus, peculiarities run amuck within the city, and the bizarre is the norm. The denizens of this–rather dangerous–location are a quirky bunch. Almost all of them are magically gifted in some way or another, vehemently hate regulations and restrictions, and are often such peculiar individuals that even the concept of “normal” seems positively odd to them. If they’re not downright mad, that is.

Download Pleasantville & the City of Mages Adventurer’s Guide TTRPG Battlemap Bundle today for 14+ sessions dealing with magical adventures with crazy and powerful mages, then watch your players struggle to contain their laughter. For example, will they choose to help the necromancer make friends, or ruin his birthday party? It’s a hard choice.

14 Battlemaps with One-Shot Adventures Included in this Pleasantville & The City of Mages Adventurer’s Guide TTRPG Battlemap Bundle

This illustrated, 54 page Adventurer’s Guide contains 14 battlemaps with system-agnostic adventures written just for them, a map of the Pleasantville & the City of Mages, locations, a list of factions, important NPCs (portraits included), more adventure seeds, plus 6 illustrated digital item cards with loot your players can find!

FoundryVTT Ready

The included battlemaps are ready for Foundry VTT with walls, lighting, ambient sound and some animations. The maps also come as several files. Griddless .jpegs so they can easily be used in other VTT software like Roll20, as well as gridded home-print A4 .pdfs, and A1 or A0 gridded poster print files for professional printing at places like Staples or Office Depot. If you have any difficulties setting them up, we’re also always just an email away!


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