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Prepared GM’s Battlemap Bundle – 210 Large Maps for $29.99

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Want a more unique selection of large, 40×30 maps? This Prepared GM’s Battlemap Bundle of 210 Large Maps for $29.99 was curated by Luke to have almost half of the most distinct maps from The Hardcore GM’s bundle (which includes all the maps in this and The Tactical GM’s bundle). Like this, you shouldn’t need to worry about your players recognising you using another version of the same map, as they’re so different!

The maps are also double the size (40″x30″) of those in the Quarantine Bundle and even better than our earlier work!

Download this bundle today and enjoy 210 future TTRPG sessions with spectacular backdrops to your encounters—each of which has been designed to encourage tactical and creative play!

Download all the battlemaps as one .ZIP

Save all the maps at once in a few easy clicks. Inside your download you’ll find subfolders sorting the battlemaps by their themes (underwater, forest, coasts, towns, otherworldly, underground, etc.). 🙂

VTT-Compatible JPEGs

Use them on your favorite VTT site or software like Roll20, Foundry, Fantasy Grounds, Astral, EncountersPlus (for tablets) etc. They’ll work anywhere you can upload .JPEGs and each map is less than 5MB, which works great with a free Roll20 account.

Effortless Home-Printing and Poster Printing

A home print .PDF is included for each battlemap, with instructions at the front for how to print so it’s easy – even for beginners! On top of that, they also come with A1 or A0 poster files for printing at your local Office Depot or Staples.  If you’d like to try this process before committing, download and print a free battlemap here!

Free adventure prompts included!

Most of the maps in this Prepared GM’s Battlemap Bundle of 210 Large TTRPG Maps for $29.99 come with detailed adventure prompts, so you can hook into your existing campaign with a fun one-shot written just for them! Adventure awaits, huzzah!

Stream and Make Videos with These Maps

If you want to use these maps on Twitch, YouTube, etc. you absolutely can! Just give us credit when doing so. If you have any questions about this check out our super short and simple personal use license, or contact us 🙂

Each Map Comes In A Few Different Files

This includes a 72dpi .JPEG file for VTTs, a 300dpi .JPEG for poster printing (such as A1 or A0), and a .PDF document for home printing. The latter document has a few extra pages at the front with printing instructions, to make the process extra-easy.

Gridded and Ungridded Versions Included

Each map comes with two files that are gridded and suited for printing, but the additional VTT maps are not gridded (this is because online apps will add their own grid).

Click buy now for instant access to this Prepared GM’s Battlemap Bundle of 210 Large TTRPG Maps for $29.99!

1 review for Prepared GM’s Battlemap Bundle – 210 Large Maps for $29.99

  1. Sam (verified owner)

    Super satisfied. Hundreds of huge, varied, interesting maps already sorted and categorized and labeled. It takes no time at all to find what I want and make it usable for my game.

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