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Sandworm Mesa Adventurer’s Guide TTPRG Battlemap Bundle

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With this Sandworm Mesa Adventurer’s Guide TTRPG Battlemap Bundle, you can visit a lawless desert town where the strong step on the weak and corruption reigns. Bounty Hunters accept assassination and intimidation contracts for the highest bidders, while the poor eke out miserable livings carving up the carcasses of colossal sandworms hunted by brave sandskiff teams. 

The sandworms are the original lifeblood of the area, providing incredibly strong hides and magical crafting materials for refinement and export–but the giant beasts are known to swallow entire huts, caravans, and even mining teams. 

Those not brave enough to hunt the sandworms, or fortunate enough to help process their remains, mine or refine the narcotic known as azure. Though not as dangerous as hunting the giant worms, it too has a hefty–albeit delayed–price, for it eventually causes the deadly condition “blue lung”. 

Under these harsh conditions, where many struggle just to survive and death is a constant threat, it’s no wonder the locals frequently seek the comforts of azure to erase their pain. An old part of Sandworm Mesa’s culture, the drug is managed by a treacherous cartel who have recently begun expanding their operations and exporting azure–with a little something extra added to encourage return customers…

Despite the perils of the surface, it is what lurks beneath the desert that few know to fear most. The ruins of an ancient civilisation wait below, after its people vanished seemingly overnight. Ancient magical constructs and technology are often recovered from these vast catacombs by scavengers, but some go there in an attempt to discover what happened to those known only as “the ancients”. 

Does the threat that wiped out the ancient society still remain? What will happen if it’s woken up–and will your players be able to stop it? 

Can your players unravel the corruption of the cartel, or will they instead intertwine themselves for a cut of the profits? What if they joined a sandskiff team, and helped bring down The Great White Sandworm? 

Download this Sandworm Mesa Adventurer’s Guide TTRPG Battlemap Bundle today for many sessions of fun in a grimy, rough desert town where corruption and lawlessness rule. 

4 Battlemaps with One-Shot Adventures Included

This illustrated, 26 page Adventurer’s Guide contains 4 battlemaps with system-agnostic adventures written just for them, a map of the town, locations, a list of factions, important NPCs (portraits included), more adventure seeds, plus 3 illustrated digital item cards with loot your players can find!

Foundry VTT Ready

The included battlemaps are ready for Foundry VTT with walls, lighting, ambient sound and some animations. They also come as several files. Griddless .jpegs so they can easily be used in other VTT software like Roll20, as well as gridded home-print A4 .pdfs, and A1 or A0 gridded poster print files for professional printing at places like Staples or Office Depot. If you have any difficulties setting them up, we’re also always just an email away!

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