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Sugar Glider Shares by Rianna Seefuss & DALL·E

$5.00 USD

When Sugar-Glider refuses to share his toys with his little sister, she decides she’d rather play with her friend Jay, who does share. Sugar-Glider eventually tires from playing alone, and quickly learns that if he wants to be included in other kid’s games, he needs to share–otherwise they won’t share with him.

This beautifully illustrated children’s book for ages 2+ takes your eyes on a luscious journey curated by an award-winning artist, all-the-while teaching the importance of sharing to your sweet little cuddler. Made by Beb as an excited mum-to-be, who was thrifting children’s books only to be disappointed by one on sharing which didn’t show cause and effect of antisocial behavior.

One of the first children’s books to be illustrated by an AI, the stunning master-level artworks inside will have you questioning if you should get a DALL·E subscription so you can write and easily illustrate your own picture books for your kids–or maybe, WITH them! It could be a very fun activity to encourage your child’s creativity and skills, much like TTRPGs do. 🙂

Note that this version is downloadable as both .EPUB and .PDF, but if you’d like a physical copy you’ll need to head over to Amazon.


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