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The Biggest Battlemap Bundle Ever! – 940+ TTRPG Maps & Adventures for $79.99

(10 customer reviews)

$79.99 USD

The Biggest Battlemap Bundle Ever 940+ TTRPG Maps & Adventures combines the renowned Quarantine Bundle with our latest Hardcore GM’s bundle

Get ready for endless years of gameplay with this unprecedented bundle. This pack includes over 940 large (40×30″) and medium (30×20″) battlemaps, as well as approximately 260 system-agnostic, one shot adventures for many of them. This make running fun side-quests during your campaign almost effortless to set up. Plus, at $0.08 per map, can you really miss this?

Out of all the bundles we’ve ever offered, this is by far our largest. Schools of fish dart around underwater settlements. Outposts overlook dangerous forests. Cities sprawl with bustling buildings. So pick your place on the map… do you wish to terrorize a coastal port? Navigate our treacherous underground rivers? Face down a dragon over a waterfall that splits two lands violently apart? It’s up to you!

260 adventures included for free!

Approximately 260 of these maps come with system-agnostic adventures, so you can hook into your existing campaign with a fun one-shot written just for them! Some of these are in separate adventure .PDFs, while older ones are at the start of home-print .PDF files (we’re currently in the process of making them easier to find and access). Adventure awaits, huzzah!

Download all the battlemaps in The Biggest Battlemap Bundle Ever 940+ TTRPG Maps & Adventures as one .ZIP

Save all the maps at once in a few easy clicks. Inside your download you’ll find subfolders sorting the battlemaps by their themes (underwater, forest, coasts, towns, otherworldly, underground, etc.). 🙂

VTT-Compatible JPEGs

Use them on your favorite VTT site or software like Foundry (520 maps in this bundle are Foundry-ready with walls, animations, lighting, and ambient sounds), Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, Astral, EncountersPlus (for tablets) etc. They’ll work anywhere you can upload .JPEGs and each map is less than 5MB, which works great with a free Roll20 account.

Effortless Home-Printing and Poster Printing

A home print .PDF is included for each battlemap, with instructions at the front for how to print so it’s easy – even for beginners! On top of that, they also come with A1 or A0 poster files for printing at your local Office Depot or Staples.  If you’d like to try this process before committing, download and print a free battlemap here!

Stream and Make Videos with These Maps

If you want to use these maps on Twitch, YouTube, etc. you absolutely can! Just give us credit when doing so. If you have any questions about this check out our super short and simple personal use license, or contact us 🙂

Each Map Comes In A Few Different Files

This includes a 72dpi .JPEG file for VTTs, a 300dpi .JPEG for poster printing (such as A1 or A0), and a .PDF document for home printing. The latter document has a few extra pages at the front with printing instructions, to make the process extra-easy.

Gridded and Ungridded Versions Included

Each map comes with two files that are gridded and suited for printing, but the additional VTT maps are not gridded (this is because online apps will add their own grid).

Click buy now for instant access to The Biggest Battlemap Bundle Ever 940+ TTRPG Maps & Adventures for $79.99! That’s less than $0.07 per map! :O

10 reviews for The Biggest Battlemap Bundle Ever! – 940+ TTRPG Maps & Adventures for $79.99

  1. zewei fan (verified owner)

    Biggest size and amazing. It covers most of the enviroment and is easy to print.

  2. Christopher23 (verified owner)

    I’m absolutely amazed at the level of detail and range of different formats for IRL printing and online usage for every map. It actually took me many hours to get through about three-quarters of them, and I still have left to go!

    The formats are also strikingly beautiful and in-depth. It’s not even money well-spent, because I really feel like I underpaid for all of this. So happy to contribute to these guys! Certainly checking them out onward!

  3. PeterAs (verified owner)

    Very good map pack.
    The files are well structured in the folders, however this means that you have to do a lot moving between folders and makes browsing for inspiration a hassle. A good addition would maybe be some sort of overview posters for categories, containing thumbnail (or slightly larger) images, or other way of fast browsing (low res, scaled down images?).
    Quality varies, but is for the most part very good. None of them are bad. Some older maps (at least I assume that they are older) show the signs, and the skill progression while building the maps over time in the bundle is visible.
    There are (quite) a few reskins in the bundle, but whether that is good or bad is up to you. I don’t mind as each would have its own use in different settings and we are getting the option here, instead of having only one that might not fit the theme.

    Would absolutely recommend.

    • Darth Bebeth (verified owner)

      Hi Peter, thanks so much for your kind words! Also, I am 100% working on a .PDF index for all the maps (with images and still sorted by theme), but holy moly it is a tonne of work and will be a while still before it’s up! I’ll send out a newsletter when it’s done so you can and other purchasers can grab it ^.^

  4. Muldgar (verified owner)

    I’m a bit of a map fanatic. This collection is amazing. I love the file structure because now I can move the other maps I’ve already collected into the same structure. Sadly, my internet isn’t the best. I loved how Darth worked with me to make sure I got everything downloaded. Great customer service on top of a fantastic set of maps to top me off. I won’t have to go looking for new maps for at least a week. 😉

  5. Nexas119 (verified owner)

    Just started a VTT DND Game and this map pack was a solid purchase. Wherever my players go I can pull a map of the area up really quick. Super awesome. Super happy with this purchase.

  6. Jared MacEachern (verified owner)

    All of these amazing maps are super easy to use for my VTT, and the printable versions are amazing as well! I love the variety, and the story prompts as well as the new maps every week. Just such a great product and deal.

  7. Alejandro Chacon (verified owner)

    I love it and i can recommend it to anyone that wants to host a wild campaign.

  8. robert runolfson (verified owner)

    The detail in the artwork is impressive. The range of settings, from fantasy above ground, fantasy underground, space to steampunk like airships offered is vast. I’ve really enjoyed the some of the accompanying scenario idea seeds added to some of the maps. I use Roll20 for my VTT and incorporating the maps to my games has been super simple.

    All in all the bundle is well worth the investment for me and my gaming needs.

  9. PowerHungry92 (verified owner)

    This order was SO worth it. There are a TON of adventurers and maps, of which you don’t even have to use together, that can fit into just about ANY campaign you could run! Would 100% recommend it to any DM or even Player who wants to add a bit more spice and ease of use to their games.

  10. David V. (verified owner)

    I am amazed at what they produce and the quality let alone the depth of the adventures they do to go with maps. I will admit after I purchased the 920 map bundle it is a bit overwhelming to go through them, but holy crap what a problem I like to have. I am a 100% solo gamer on all systems including DnD. Having access to this many maps of this quality allows me to have a never ending amount of options to match up to my adventures. Plus all the extra content they send out for free! I feel bad in a way that they do so much and charge so little and I hope that isnt an indicator that they are going to stop doing all this, but if not I will be a happy repeat customer!!

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