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Temple of Mirrored Shadow Free Multi-Level 40×30 Battlemap & Adventure

Temple of Mirrored Shadow Free Multi-Level 40×30 Battlemap & Adventure
Download this Temple of Mirrored Shadow free multi-level 40×30 battlemap & adventure, featuring PCs fighting their shadow selves. VTT ready!

Temple of Mirrored Shadow Free Multi-Level 40×30 Battlemap & Adventure

Shadow World

While traveling through a forest, you notice that even though the day is bright and clear, a gloomy atmosphere has enveloped the area around you. The sky seems dim, and the sun shines without warmth. You continue along the path, but something about the trees around you seems awfully familiar.

If you’re insightful, you might figure out that you have indeed passed by this area before, as if you were traveling in a circle. You hear a rustling from the bushes nearby and while you prepare yourself to face off against just about anything, a man emerges from the undergrowth, carrying a sword and wearing chain armor.

“I am no threat to you, if you do not seek to harm me,” he announces warily. “I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but we seem to be in the middle of some sort of supernatural event, the likes of which I cannot explain. Perhaps we can pool our resources and try to figure this out?”

Should you agree, he lowers his weapon and relaxes a little. “My name is Isaac, and I’m a mercenary. I mostly do caravan guard work, but this morning, I awoke to find the caravan gone. I had thought they left without me, but now I’m not so sure. Bah, I know nothing of magic, except how good it is at making my life difficult.

“You may have noticed that we’re stuck in the same place, no matter which way we travel. I’ve spent the last hour trying to find my way out, but just find myself back where I started from. I even left a mark on a few trees, and sure enough there they are.

“There’s more to it though,” he continues in grim tones as he sheaths his weapon. “I marked three trees, but now I can only find two of them. I think the area we’re in is shrinking towards a central point, in that direction,” Isaac explains, pointing to his left. “It’s like something is herding us there.

“I’m not one to stand around waiting for whatever fate has in store for me. I intend to go straight in and see what it is that’s captured us in this bizarre trap. Are you up for it?”

If you agree to accompany him, Isaac grunts in acknowledgement and leads you on. Together, you pass by areas of forest steeped in gloom, and almost silent save for the occasional sound of a crow in the distance. There is no wind, and the eerie silence sets your nerves on edge.

Soon, Isaac’s theory seems to be proven right, as you spy a strange structure in the forest up ahead. It seems like an eight-pointed structure with a pointed roof, almost like a pyramid, or perhaps two of them merged together.

The walls are shimmering, reflecting the dim light and the forest around them, but it almost seems like those walls are reflecting things that aren’t there. If you’ve a talent for magic, you might surmise that the structure seems to sit astride multiple dimensions, allowing it to reflect things that you cannot see. Isaac takes a more direct approach to dealing with the problem.

“I’m going in,” he growls, drawing his weapon. “Whatever trapped us here is likely behind that door. I hope you can fight, ‘cause I don’t see us getting out of here any other way.”

He storms forward, kicks open the door, and heads in. Should you follow, you find a strange temple with mirrored walls, making it appear far larger inside that you would expect. Isaac looks closely at his reflection, and to your surprise, his reflection smiles and steps out of the mirror!

You find that your own reflection also emerges from the glassy surface, and you find yourself facing off against shadowy doppelgangers, armed with your weapons and knowledge, but little more than a shadow of you!

Should you defeat them, Isaac heads downstairs and finds the entire floor is a mirrored surface, reflecting alternate dimensions from above in an almost infinite way.

“This damned thing is responsible for trapping us here!” he declares. He appears to be about to smash it with his sword, when a winged figure of a dragon emerges from the floor, flying through the surface as if it were the sky! Its scales are like dark mirrors, but its claws look very sharp indeed. It growls and leaps to the attack! Should you defeat the mirror dragon, the whole temple cracks and starts breaking apart.

“Let’s get out of here!” Isaac shouts as shards of glass fall from the walls. If you run, you will make it out just in time as the entire temple shatters, lifting the shroud from the land and returning you to what appears to be your normal world. Isaac is nowhere to be seen, and you can only presume he too went back to his place of origin. The temple appears to have vanished completely, except for a large, curved shard that looks like a shield with a mirror finish!

GM Notes:

The mirror dragon can reflect hits back on the attacker if their attack is very weak. The mirror shield reward works the same way.

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