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Free Multi-Level Battlemap – Shores of Fate

Click image to download this free TTRPG battlemap of a Shores of Fate, then keep scrolling for the detailed adventure prompt written for it ?

Free TTRPG battlemap of a Shores

You’ve heard tales of a man known as “The Eye”, A gifted prophet who has saved the lives of many important heroes throughout the decades, which in turn has lead to the lives of many others being saved in turn. From rumors it appears he is able to both see the future and gift those he sees as worthy with the ability to perceive their own deaths, but only shortly beforehand.

The Eye is a broken man who appears to be close to death, he looks much older than he is, his hair graying and his skin wrinkly, he talks slowly in low tones. He carries on his duty but a great burden appears to weight on him. If you wish to gain his favor, he will sit you down and divine your future, if he sees you will do great things and be a beacon of good, he will bestow upon you his third eye, this is a mark of an eye upon your forehead that fades quickly to leave nothing.  

What is the harsh cost to this magic? The Eyes magically foresight comes from a pact he made with a minor lawful evil deity of fate. When a life is saved due to the use of his third eye that he has granted upon someone, he must in turn offer up two souls in exchange to the deity. The Eye obtains souls via the capture of criminals and low-lives by his followers which he then preforms a ritual on in his basement, transferring their souls into his red orb, an artifact given to him by the evil deity.

However this is not how this began. Decades ago a war rage on, threatening the destruction of the entire kingdom. The Eyes wife had been killed and only his two children remained with him. He begged the gods for help and received it. Through his new powers, he foresaw the death of a man who could change the outcome of the war. However without the help of others to capture the souls required to trade for this mans life he was losing hope. When there was but a day left before this important man was to die, The Eye did the unthinkable. He preformed the ritual on his own children, trading their lives for the man’s life.  

The Kingdom won the war and many lives were saved, however after this experience The Eye became a broken man, he had damned his own soul in the process and begrudgingly choose to continue on his path. To save heroes who would in turn save others, so that perhaps others in the future would not need to make the same choices as him.

The Eye knowing death will come for him in the next couple of years may plea with you to save his children’s souls from their fate, the only souls who don’t deserve to be where they are. You may also choose to kill The Eye for his evil actions, even if well intentioned. He will not stop you, however his followers will fight to the death, willing to do what it takes for the greater good.

(Those who can see into the ethereal realm can both see the souls within the red orb as well as the mark on anyone’s head who has received the third eye. While you have this mark the next time you’re going to be killed, you instead can replay the turn to make different choices. If you wish to regain this boon you must return to “The Eye”. If the red orb is broken this boon no longer functions.)

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