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Free TTRPG Battlemap with Adventure –Fuzzington’s Brewery

Free D&D Battlemap with Adventure –Fuzzington's Brewery
Free TTRPG Battlemap with Adventure –Fuzzington's Brewery


One day Meadmaster Fuzzington comes into the tavern asking if someone can carry a barrel of his finest ale to the nearby school of magic. He’ll pay well for the job.

If you agree, the task goes uneventfully and the graduating students at the magic school are incredibly grateful to receive the alcohol.

When you return to the meadery, however, Fuzzington is preparing his horse and cart to leave. There’s a barrel on the back with a particular healing brew, and he says he’s received a letter from a neighbouring town that a building has collapsed in a storm, injuring several of the locals. He’s going to take them this brew to help with the wounded, and should be gone for the night.

He pays you the agreed upon sum for your earlier task, before asking if you’ll stay here and guard his meadery until he gets back sometime tomorrow. If you do this, he’ll give you a barrel of his special brew.

Should you agree, he thanks you sincerely before handing you a small notebook from his belt, saying it’s got all the instructions you need to keep the place running.

Later that day however, once Fuzzington has left, bandits break into the meadery. They somehow know that Fuzzington’s away, and are looking for Fuzzington’s secret mead recipes and notes. They plan to sell them and becoming rich. Their leader is a woman with fiery red hair and grey eyes.

They are surprised to see you, having not expected anyone to be inside. But, rather than fighting, the woman introduce herself as Myrtal the Red Fox, and tries to strike a deal. She wants Fuzzington’s secret recipes and notes, and if you give it to her and her mates they’ll split their profits with you after they sell it to the highest bidder!

Should you refuse, they attack, saying that they gave you a chance. Once you’re winning, they surrender and beg for their lives. However, if you show them mercy, Myrtal attempts to backstab you as she doesn’t want her followers to see her as weak–only cunning.

When Fuzzington finally returns, if you tell him what happened he is horrified, saying that when he got to the town it turns out there was no emergency, and no house had even fallen. He suspects the bandits who broke in might have been responsible for the letter.

If you kept his recipe safe, he is thankful you were there to safeguard his meadery. If you say you couldn’t protect it and the bandits got the recipes, Fuzzington laughs heartily, and explains that the group of bandits aren’t the first to have come seeking his secret recipes.

He says that the book he gave you had real notes about some of the things that could have gone wrong, but the recipes inside it were all silly and fake. He thinks that whoever tries to make them will be sorely disappointed.

As thanks for your efforts, he gives you a barrel of his normal mead along with the promised healing mead.

GM’s Notes:

Grab our free adventurer’s guide for the location to run this adventure in here. It details everything you need to know about Craobh Agus’tur, plus Measmaster Fuzzington (though there’s more on him below!) 🙂

Next is a roll chart for other random things which can happen while your players are safeguarding the meadery.

1: The mead grows watery mouths and facial expressions like a bear, coming alive. The now-animated vats squeal in high-pitched cries. In Fuzzington’s notes, he instructs that when this happens they need to be sung to so they go “back to sleep”.

2: The bees in the hive begin striking, saying that they’re not getting paid enough. They demand The Pendant of Argoyle, which is located in the village near the herbalist’s. When you get there, you find the Pendant of Argoyle is a purple bell flower. Once you give it to the bees, they look at it in happiness and awe saying “so beautiful!”

3: Gnomes knock on the door, claiming that Fuzzington agreed that they could test their vat-stirring invention when it was finished. They’re ahead of schedule, but they insist it’s ok for them to come inside and test it. They grow offended if you tell them to wait until Fuzzington returns, or otherwise leave, but if you let them in their machine will destroy the barrel it is tested on. They were also lying about having Fuzzington’s permission, but were confident the invention would work and gain his approval–they just needed to demonstrate it!

4: Inspector comes in complaining about a customer who grew ill after drinking the mead, but the inspector is really sent by Fuzzington’s competition to inspect the vats and sneak real poisons in.

5: Magical mites start overrunning the beehives. Fuzzington’s instructions write that should this happen, you need to use up a magical scroll to banish them. Problem is, it’s amongst 2 scrolls which all do different things. One is a scroll of enlarge person, the second is burning hands.

Meadmaster Fuzzington

At first glance, this individual appears to be a brown bear, albeit one dressed in a large apron and wearing spectacles that have seen better days. He is, in reality, a sapient and articulate fellow who, in spite of his huge, imposing form, is beloved by the townsfolk and is the proprietor of Meadmaster Fuzzington’s Meadery, the fanciest place in town.

When he isn’t hosting functions or weddings at his magnificent and highly successful establishment, Fuzzington is a professional apiarist who cares for his bees, who in turn provide the honey he uses to make the finest mead in the region. 

His personality is as sweet as the mead he brews, and he has a reputation for helping adventurers and travelers in need. But troublemakers who mistake his easy-going nature for weakness soon find themselves being literally tossed from his establishment in short order.

Easily the most popular person in town, Fuzzington is thought of as something of a leader in the community, and it is a poorly kept secret that he’s actually running the place, even though he holds no official position. Repeated attempts to get him into any sort of official job are repeatedly rebuffed, as the brewer has no love for the tedium and weight of responsibility that comes with high office.

Still, when times are tough, there is no-one better to count upon than this quiet and unassuming bear-man.

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