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Quarantine Battlemap Bundle – 520+ Fantasy TTRPG Maps for $39

(94 customer reviews)

Original price was: $1,072.68.Current price is: $39.00. USD

Once you download this Quarantine Battlemap Bundle with 520+ fantasy TTRPG maps (plus 28 adventure prompts!) in one handy .ZIP, you’ll be ready for your next session in minutes! The maps are formatted both gridded and griddless; griddless for VTTs like Roll20 or Fantasy Grounds, as well as gridded for easy one-click home printing. It’s also Foundry-animated, with walls, lighting, ambient sound and more! With this bundle, you can focus on planning your campaign while making combat more immersive and one-shots super-easy to run, instead of spending hours painting each map. Your players will thank you and you’ll have more time to enjoy other hobbies!

Foundry VTT Ready!

All the maps in this bundle are prepared for Foundry VTT with walls, lighting, ambient sounds, and some animations. They’re easy to install and run in minutes, with step-by-step instructions provided so if it’s you’re first time importing maps we’re confident you’ll find it a piece of cake 🙂 If you’re unsure, download and try a free module here!

224 adventures included for free!

Approximately 49 adventure prompts, 3 adventure modules, and 171 adventure seeds have been written for maps in this bundle! They’re system-agnostic one-shots, so you can choose those you love and easily run them in your campaign using the battlemaps they were written for. All you need to do is scroll through the adventures folder until you find one that piques your fancy.

Download the Quarantine Battlemap Bundle – 520+ Fantasy TTRPG Maps as one .ZIP

Save all the maps and adventure prompts at once in a few easy clicks. Inside your download you’ll find subfolders sorting the battlemaps by their themes (underwater, forest, coasts, towns, otherworldly, underground, etc.).

Plus, you can also sort through all the maps individually before downloading, if you only want to choose one or two as-needed. ?

VTT Compatible JPEGs

Use them on your other preferred VTT site or software like Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, Astral, EncountersPlus (for tablets) etc. They’ll work anywhere you can upload .JPEGs and each map is less than 5MB, which works great with a free Roll20 account.

Effortless Home-Printing and Poster Printing

A home print .PDF is included for each battlemap, with instructions at the front for how to print so it’s easy – even for beginners! On top of that, they also come with A1 or A0 poster files for printing at your local Office Depot or Staples. If you’d like to try this process before committing, download and print a free battlemap here!

Stream and Make Videos with the Quarantine Battlemap Bundle of 520+ Fantasy TTRPG Maps

If you want to use these maps on Twitch, YouTube, etc. you absolutely can! Just give us credit when doing so. If you have any questions about this check out our super short and simple personal use license, or email us at ?

Each Map Comes In A Few Different Files

This includes a 72dpi .JPEG file for VTTs, a 300dpi .JPEG for poster printing (such as A1 or A0), and a .PDF document for home printing. The latter document has a few extra pages at the front with printing instructions, to make the process extra-easy.

Gridded and Ungridded Versions Included

Each map comes with two files that are gridded and suited for printing, but the additional VTT maps are not gridded (this is because online apps will add their own grid).

Click buy now for instant access to this Quarantine Battlemap Bundle of 520+ fantasy TTRPG maps and start playing as soon as you like!

94 reviews for Quarantine Battlemap Bundle – 520+ Fantasy TTRPG Maps for $39

  1. William Moore (verified owner)

    Well, these maps are good when used in foundry. They are quick and easy to pull out incase you don’t have time to make a battle map and want something on the fly for an encounter. Right now I have been using The Lightbringer ship map with some tweaks so that it works with levels in foundry properly. Also added sails and a crows nest to it which means yay I don’t have to spend time designing a ship.

    As I said they work well for quick deploys and with some creative editing and the module better roofs and levels and some tweaking in Krita you can have multi level premade maps. Examples are The lightbringer ship, hamlet of grimsby, Frozen light house, Ember peak skyport, Dragonsfall Tavern, Daveks’s Oasis, Cliffton Castle. But as I said it means doing some tweaks with Krita like converting the upper level maps into webp and making them have transparency to them. If that to much than I suggest using multi level token and multi level and having it able to teleport token between maps without a gm switching them or having to go through editing and converting files.

    Another addon I suggest using with this map bundle is Moulinettes as you can get the Forgotten Adventure free map making assests and use with the empty maps that are in this bundle. So you can decorate a map how you think it should look without spending the time in dungeon draft to make one from the ground up.

    Also remember when using these maps with any vtt that you want to use the 72 dpi map which is 2160 and 1440 in size. Now that enough for my long winded writing hope everyone can enjoy these maps and maybe use them to make a awesome campaign in foundry.

  2. Sean (verified owner)

    I purchased these maps after seeing the great value of the pack. All the maps are high quality, and I have already used several in games I DM. The detail and quality of the maps also help inspire me while I am preparing adventurers for the players at the table. All around a great product. I heavily recommend purchasing for any DM who enjoys using grid combat.

  3. Nic

    I purchased a sea-faring bundle for my new campaign. I used the 300 dpi maps as a base for Tabletop Simulator (virtual D&D) and put matching 3D objects on top of those maps to create very impressive scenes for my players. Similarly, each map comes with a “poster” version of the image so you can print it out and put your own terrain models on top of it, or just use the poster as is. Overall, I’m very happy with the selection I got in my bundle, and I feel like I got more than what I paid for.

  4. Brodie (verified owner)

    Beautiful maps and great variety! I mostly run theatre of the mind, but it is great to be able to throw down/upload a map in certain situations without having to spend an obscene amount of time to create what would inevitably be a mediocre facsimile of an MS paint failure myself. Very happy with the quality and cost of these and looking forward to perusing through more bundles! Highly recommended!

  5. Elyse Cottrell-Martin (verified owner)

    Such an amazing pack at a really great price! My husband DMs our current D&D game which started over a year ago on Roll20 due to the pandemic shutting down our in person games. Only 3 of the players live in the same town so we plan on continuing even as things open up. These maps made a great birthday present for him as he loves to have unique backgrounds, and gets inspired by maps, but doesn’t always have the time to create them. I’m looking forward to more maps being launched in the future!

  6. Jacob

    So many maps! These things are truly.a blessing and a great point to start collecting maps for you and your friends adventures!

    I purchased the quarantine bundle and it’s been used thoroughly! Thank you so much for all of your work and wonderful ideas.

  7. Nate (verified owner)

    An incredible variety of high-quality maps. This package would still be a bargain at twice the price.

    I purchased this bundle with the intention of using the maps to quickly deploy on-the-fly planetary scenes in a space opera game delivered through Foundry, but there are so many unique and interesting things going on in many of the maps that I’ve been building full-fledged scenarios around them.

    Keep up the great work!

  8. Kyle Cook (verified owner)

    Fantastic bunble which covers all the main needs for fantasy maps. Lots of variety with gridded, ungridded, and blank version to add your own assets too. Works well in foundry vtt. Glad I took a chance on the bundle!

  9. Justin Thompson (verified owner)

    Beautiful Maps. I’ve been just picking up maps from Google and it’s nice to invest in some quality maps that are unqiue. I also love the 3 demensionality to several of the maps. Looks very cool thanks guys!

  10. Jeremy (verified owner)

    I love the maps. The breadth and depth of map variety is incredible, and alleviates a lot of stress from the planning process. Each map is high quality resolution, and I appreciate having both a high-res file, low-res file, and poster file for printing. I am extremely satisfied with my purchase, and these maps will go a looooong way to contributing fun games for myself and my players. Thank you!

  11. Matthew Lyle Middleton (verified owner)

    Note for clarity: I was offered 30% off on a future purchase in exchange for this review.

    Each of these maps is great and the price is obviously too kind of the creators. Seafoot games selling this entire bundle during quarantine for such a low price is really commendable in my mind and deserving of note.

    Variety: For those wondering about variety you should know that there are some duplicate maps like the gatehouses where the base map is the same but there may be a change in local trees or a quick addition of the edge of a building.

    Lighting and Color: In general (from the downloads I have made from the list) I feel that these maps are well lit and good for most campaigns. Note though that if your vision for your game world is very bright (high fantasy, very lush greens, almost a glow off of everything, even ancient ruins are still shiny marble white for some reason), you may need to tool around a little with lights and colors with an editing program on your off time.

    Downloading: It should be noted that at the time of this review (Early August 2021) you will be given the files in the form of two google drive links (one for individual downloads and one for a batch zip file). I personally had trouble finding a way to download the maps from the zip file batch and so instead began downloading maps individually based on my needs for the campaign/session. I would then change the color of each folder I had downloaded using Google Drive’s “Change color” option in order to keep track of what I had used. Your mileage may vary in this, but I wanted to make sure a method was written here in case this matters to your personal tastes.

    Overall: Excellent maps, excellent work, and excellent price. Seafoot Games has done a great job with this and I am glad to have made this purchase.

    I hope this review has helped you and that you find all that you need in your gaming and mapping purchases.


    Matthew Lyle Middleton

    • Darth Bebeth (verified owner)

      Hi Matthew, thanks again for your amazing review and sorry I didn’t get back to you about your problems downloading sooner. You shouldn’t have to download the maps individually, that’s an insane amount of work.

      Could you please go to the individual maps folder and click download from there, Google should break it up into one or several folders for download.

      Screenshot of the instructions

      Let me know if this works or not, if not I’ll see what else we can do to get you your maps!

  12. MTDonald (verified owner)

    Great maps and amazing customer service. You guys are a big deal but I feel like I’m a part of it!

  13. Jason Duyck (verified owner)

    Good quality maps, but some minor issues with download and a lot of repeats. I’d guess 20-30 percent are recolors or rotations. Still pretty good value at the discounted price.

    • Darth Bebeth (verified owner)

      Hi Jason, thanks for taking the time to leave Luke and I a review! 😀 Regarding the download problems, could you please let me know what those were so I can fix them?

      Yes, this bundle does have a lot of variant maps. Thanks to the excellent feedback from GMs like you, we’re planning on releasing our next mega bundle soon in three parts; one with all the maps including variants, then two with all the base maps and half the variants in each.

      Thanks again and I’m really happy you like the maps! \(^.^)/

  14. Michael S (verified owner)

    Really good maps all high quality and works well with fantasy grounds. Wish they created another bundle just dedicated cities and villages. Overall great for throwing maps when you need it the most and having a selection!mic

  15. Cory (verified owner)

    The maps are worth the price, I just wish it was better organized is all.

    • Darth Bebeth (verified owner)

      Hi Cory, thanks so much for that advice, Luke and I really appreciate it! Other GMs have said similar so we have recently reorganized all the maps into subfolders by theme (forest, town / city, underground, etc.), I’m not sure if you downloaded the maps before the update or not.

      Regardless, if you or anyone has ideas how to better improve the organization we’d love to hear it so we can keep this better for everyone! 😀

  16. Keaton (verified owner)

    Not even close to 520+ maps and plenty of the organized folders are just empty, steer clear of this spend your money elsewhere.

  17. Keaton (verified owner)

    I take back my previous review, it turns out that the organized zip folder is simply not finished, I looked into the loose individual drive and sure enough low and behold they are all there. I apologize for jumping the gun so swiftly.

    • Darth Bebeth (verified owner)

      Hi Keaton, thanks for taking the time to amend your first review! Regarding the maps, I’m really sorry for the confusion. I just asked Luke and he explained to me that the ZIP of the maps is complete, but he left empty folders in there for theme categories that there were no maps for (so we’d have base categories for all our future mega bundles). Seeing as it’s confusing we will definitely be removing those now haha. We just haven’t uploaded the sorted folders to the individual maps folder yet, but we’ll be doing that now once Luke’s deleted the empty folders from the bundle. 🙂 Hope this helps clear things up and please feel welcome reaching out via email if you have any trouble in future, we’re always here to help and definitely don’t want to scam our wonderful TTRPG community ^.^

  18. John Smotherman (verified owner)

    Oh my goodness- I honestly feel like this is the greatest value (what I received for what I paid) that I have ever received in my life. There is enough content here to fully populate multiple worlds. There are many things I love about this pack. 1) There is a lot of variety in locations- so it provides a good starting point for whatever I might need. I may never have to build another battle map from scratch again. 2) With the exception of a VERY small number of maps- the art style is consistent across these maps- so if you populated your entire world with them- it would feel stylistically consistent, and you won’t have the jarring experience of landing on a map where the art style is markedly different from the map you were previously on. 3) The creators of these maps made good, clean, straightforward maps with good bones and little fluff/clutter. Meaning, if you are the type that likes to customize- you can throw in your own props and decorate to taste- and even use the same map again, but with different props- and make it look like a completely different map. 4) I love the art style- it hits that sweet spot for me. It does not look like someone trying to emulate a photograph, nor does it look cartoonish. For me- they’re perfectly balanced for a nice, but not distracting, fantasy flavor. I can not recommend this product strongly enough. Moreover- I had technical problems (on my end) while trying to download the product. Seafoot was very responsive and helpful. In short, I could not be more happy my purchase. Seafoot is now at the top of my list of go to vendors.

  19. Sheila (verified owner)

    Overall I really like the battle maps – they are beautifully rendered and there’s a huge variety of settings. Just wish there were some underwater ruins, as I’m running an ocean-based campaign, and some of the places I need maps for are below water. Still, most of what I need was in this bundle – islands, beaches, shipwrecks washed ashore, etc. – Thank you!

  20. Wesley Christensen (verified owner)

    trying to use this for fantasy grounds, keep getting error when i try to extract files

    • Darth Bebeth (verified owner)

      Hi Wesley, Luke and I don’t really use Fantasy Grounds, but from some research we’ve done, have you made sure you’re using the 72dpi .JPEGs (low resolution) versions of the maps instead of the 300dpi ones (which are for printing and very large)? This Reddit thread discusses file size limits on Fantasy Grounds, which could be causing the error:

      If that doesn’t help, you can email Fantasy Grounds customer support here: Hopefully they’ll be able to fix your issue ASAP so you can start playing with your friends!

  21. Daniel Sacco (verified owner)

    It really makes a difference having such high quality maps and for such a good price. Really helps with the immersion.

  22. Christopher3 (verified owner)

    Any packet of maps that is so chock full that the first 2 attempts to download crashes my computer has to be good! Thanks for all the hard work in making these happen. I look forward to using them in my games very soon.

  23. Jordan S. (verified owner)

    Fantastic quality maps, and meticulously sorted for every setting. There is so many maps, and quite a few of them acting as a muse in their own right for setting up an encounter story point. I’ll have more than enough maps to use for the next year or so before I’ve had a chance to use them all.
    The package comes with closer to 600 total maps, with multi-leveled maps counting as their own individual map for that count. Variations to each of these maps do inflate the actual count, so the truly unique maps in this package is at rough estimate 200, but with the variations to each map allowing for multiple settings or events to ‘alter the story’ of the area, a creative DM will have plenty to work with.
    Technically inflated count or not, the quality of the maps and the multiple usable formats including the option to print each out yourself for on table use, this package is very well worth the buy!

    My only recommendation would be to split the file types into separate downloads, 72dpi, 300dpi, poster, and pdf formats all having their own primary folder would provide an easier time for customers to unpack and begin exploring the whole package in the format they need.
    This is just my own nitpicky opinion however, only because the file size is concerningly large at first glance before you find each format in the download.

  24. Miguel-Angel Delgado (verified owner)

    I’m really glad I bought this package, I just got into Tabletop games and this map package has been a real lifesaver for setting up locations and encounters.

  25. Mike M (verified owner)

    Have attempted to Download several times now. Sadly to No avail. Just keeps bouncing me around. Ive asked for a refund until they can figure out the download issue of having to DL multiple clients and software just to get it.

    • Darth Bebeth (verified owner)

      Hi Mike, I’m really sorry about your experience and have given you a full refund. Our Black Friday sale was so successful that Google Drive decided to stop GM’s from downloading the zipped bundle file as an abuse prevention feature, causing the “download quota exceeded” error when trying to download the .ZIP. I’m sorry the alternative download-all-the-maps-at-once method we gave you (a complimentary copy on DriveThruRPG) didn’t work for you as it has for many other GM’s.

      After processing your refund, I have also emailed you a link to a secondary Google Drive .ZIP file Luke and I have been uploading over these last couple of days, which shouldn’t have the 24 hour lock on it as no one else has that link at present. You’re welcome to still use any maps that you like in your gaming. 🙂

  26. Craig Wise (verified owner)

    Fantastic maps, full of variation and endless possibilities to re use, got it over the Black Friday, weekend and I am not disappointed! Definitely worth getting, pulled a few of the maps into use with FoundryVTT for encounters or a side setting.

    Definitely going to be picking more maps up from here in the future! And I look forward to more maps that you will be creating.

  27. Clegg (verified owner)

    A fantastic value at three times the price! These maps are beautiful and just exactly what I needed for my games. I don’t think it really sank in just how MUCH content there is here until I saw how long the download took and how much space these wonderfully detailed maps took on my hard drive. I’m not kidding. Be ready to drink from the fire hose of creativity, because this bundle is a MASSIVE value.

  28. Chris (verified owner)

    An awesome assortment of maps at an amazing value! I was extremely pleased at the quality of these maps. This makes me feel more confident as a DM that I can pull out a map for any occasion. Plus the level of detail in the maps inspires my imagination. Plenty of multi-level maps too, which I haven’t seen as frequently in other collections.

  29. Alex4 (verified owner)

    Brilliant maps, so far I’ve managed to use one for a semi-successful Lizardfolk ambush, and another for the entrance of a Wizard King’s lair. And I haven’t even got that fair into the folder yet! Love the multi-level maps specifically!

  30. Derek Joyce (verified owner)

    The quarantine bundle has single handedly revolutionized my DnD campaign. The maps are inspiring, layout simple enough to add in elements in a VTT, and most of them can have a story in and of themselves. They are especially helpful when I need a last minute idea or brilliant scenery. I look forward to the maps and prompted in the weekly emails as well. Great work all around!

  31. Michael21 (verified owner)

    The quarantine bundle has so many maps, and they’re all brilliant. Each map comes in various formats for different uses so you can use it in any of the popular VTTs that are around, or print it out for in person games. This is an awesome value. Customer support is great, too!

  32. Vijay R (verified owner)

    Good quality maps, and an assortment of themes. I like the ability to download them in different levels of quality as well. I can see the difficulty in finding the exact map you’d want, but the product itself is solid.

  33. Eric (verified owner)

    Amazing Map quality and variety. Got the last bundle and have so many more options for my players to explore and utilize. Keep up the good work and you have a returning customer sure.

  34. Anthony Smith (verified owner)

    The quality of these maps are truly outstanding and the method of delivery was perfect. I had access to them and was downloading them in seconds. I truly could not be happier to have so many great maps to use in my campaign and my players were astounded at the detail put into them.

  35. David (verified owner)

    These maps are amazing! They are so well rendered, and the layouts capture such creative locations, they just beg for adventures to be set there. They really help transport players into a fantasy world. And the quarantine deal comes with such a wide selection. Thanks for all the hard work you’ve put into these Seafoot Games!

  36. Josh Browne (verified owner)

    Holy cow. Much map, so nice.

  37. Piccoli (verified owner)

    Really nice (and huge) bundle! I think it is well organised and I can find ideas by going straight to the type of location I have in mind while designing an encounter. I did not have a chance to use them with real players yet, but I could easily put them working on Roll20.

  38. Max Denny (verified owner)

    I am a first time DM that was trying to make my own dungeon maps. Then I discovered I have no idea what I was doing after 3 hours of work made one horrible looking room of a dungeon. Then one day the instagram marketing overlords showed me an ad for this map pack. Within a few minutes I had over 500 maps for less than $30 (I used a coupon code for a promotion at the time)!!! Then after getting my maps I received a wonderful email with another free map!! THEN, next week I got another email WITH ANOTHER FREE MAP!! Not only that but Beb included an awesome adventure prompt for the maps too! I couldn’t recommend Seafoot games enough to fellow DM/GM/Keepers out there.

  39. Thomas18 (verified owner)

    Fantastic group of maps, very varied and useful for many locations and types of game. They are well rendered and easy to map to digital gameboard like Roll20. An absolute steal, couldn’t be more happy!

  40. Adrian3 (verified owner)

    Top quality maps, both gridded and un-gridded for TT or VTT play. An absolute steal and worth every penny.

  41. AJ (verified owner)

    These maps have honestly been a life saver for me. It saves me so much time to prepare for sessions as well as lore build. The surplus of options to choose from make this pack a DM’s faithful companion!

  42. Adam M (verified owner)

    These maps are a true treasure hoard! There is a huge variety of settings to choose from not to mention the usefulness of being able to be used in any number of encounters. I truly look forward to printing some off for use in person games in the near future. Vibrant colours, inspired maps. Looking forward to what the future maps may be.

  43. Dave (verified owner)

    A great addition to my GM library. Great for either prepping an encounter or if you need something on the fly.

  44. Chris (verified owner)

    Huge bundle of excellent maps, which I have found suitable for many different situations I’ve come across in my games. Sorting system for the maps is great as it helps find maps on the fly when absolutely necessary. Huge timesaver over building my own maps.

  45. Todd (verified owner)

    These guys are great. Super good customer service and the maps themselves are of a good quality.

    Easy to download and use, I would recommend it to anyone looking to add to their catalogue of maps.

  46. Hasuphel the Transplanar Sage (verified owner)

    Disclaimer: For the review I am being given a 30% credit for my next purchase, which I do plan to make.

    The maps are good, with some variants but not an excessive amount. The art style is lovely, and the variety of files format choices is nice. I’ll be using the 300 DPI gridless files for VTT.

    IMO this is a case of having a full spice cupboard (metaphorically). You won’t use them all right away, but having a wide variety gives you flexibility and potential.

  47. Jeffrey

    A great set of maps that are super easy to pit into any campaign! Ive added a good few to my roll20 games and plan to use so many more!

  48. Jon (verified owner)

    Loves the quarantine bundle. Has alot of options for different locations and encounter types. Super great for sparking inspiration or for an unexpected fight! Would highly recommend if you don’t have the time to make all your own maps, or just can’t seem to get it right

  49. Brandon (verified owner)

    Usually one of my biggest problems with DMing is finding or making maps. With this set makes that easier… (and im not even planning on using it on DND)… I cant recommend these guys enough! (the only thing i would change is if you have purchased some of the maps already the other bundles would say you own x maps on this bundle.) I am already looking at more packs though!

  50. Chris Friesen

    Incredible detail and quality! I saw this add a few times over the year on my Facebook feed, I figured now that I’m running a campaign and not great at making maps, I would check it out.

    All I can say is wow! The maps have lots of depth and work really well integrating into VTT (I use Roll20). I particularly like that there are recolor/retexture maps, as it gives me inspiration of how my players could potentially return to this map at a different time and it would have actually changed.

    Maps also work great for importing into other software and adding things. I use Arkenforge and it was really simple to get one of the maps in and add little things like props of tables and chairs etc.

    Fantastic work!

  51. Dan Perham (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing work. The quarantine bundle was a steal and well worth the original price. I bought this to start tabletop with my family, and I’m glad I bought from SeaFoot!!

  52. David52 (verified owner)

    Such great Customer Service. Beautiful maps and super easy access to it all. They have done their own research on how to fix problems and have already given details on how to solve them. Love the product and the super affordable price. Much love to yall! ❤?

  53. Dave (verified owner)

    Incredible pack! Plenty of choice for terrain and scenarios. Gave to my DM as a late Xmas present and they thank me everytime they’ve run a session with them!

  54. Dragondepths (verified owner)

    I couldn’t be happier with these maps. It’s all perfect in every way except one. There is a category in the bundle that is not in PDF form to print at home, and its labelled “Older Maps.” Thats the only complaint i could have with this, otherwise it is perfect for me to torture my players >:)

  55. Todd Kephart (verified owner)

    A nice collection. I haven’t had the chance to use the maps yet, but I am looking forward to it. I have a big campaign starting up soon and I plan to use these with my projector. It’s great I don’t have to spend hours prepping maps for encounters and can focus on story content.

  56. John Gunter (verified owner)

    While I have not yet used them with my new gaming table, the maps are very well made and look great. There are a lot of them and will make it easy for me to use them in future face to face games that I’ll be running.

  57. Joseph Endres (verified owner)

    This was an incredible purchase. With more and more of my games going online (I use Roll20.Net) these maps are invaluable for my DND games.

    Thank you so much!

  58. William Combs (verified owner)

    These maps are some of the best I have ever seen! They are high quality and worth every penny. I highly recommend checking out this bundle as there is a multitude of different themes that can work with any game! As a DM, I rarely have any time to make my own maps, so having high-quality pre-made maps is a lifesaver.

  59. Chris (verified owner)

    What a bargain! Highest quality maps that are super easy to drop into Roll20 and go. Love the variety within each map set. And also love the bonus of being able to print out table top versions of the maps for in person gaming. Highly recommend.

  60. Ryan Wynne (verified owner)

    Great value and fantastic maps. The adventure ideas included with the maps really make them a worthwhile value.

    If you are running a fantasy game or you like fantasy maps this bundle is worth the money

  61. Amber Smith (verified owner)

    These are gorgeous maps that work very well. I love them dearly and while I do Theater of the Mind for Social Encounters etc, I can never keep track of where everyone is in a battle.

    These maps are PERFECT.

  62. Jon Fall (verified owner)

    These maps are great and save a lot of time. PLUS they organized the bundle for you so finding a map for what you need is super easy

  63. Joshua Sutton (verified owner)

    I purchased the Quarantine Bundle. There are a ton of unique maps as well as some reskins of non-descript maps so you can play in any environment on the fly. All of the maps are detailed enough that they will grab the attention of the players, but none are so detailed they curtail being used for any situation. I am very happy with my purchase.

  64. Aaron (verified owner)

    Uniformly high quality maps, lots of diversity in settings. I bought them for my GM to use after the Pathfinder AP we’re in weirdly decided not to include a map for a spot very likely to break into combat.

  65. David Casey (verified owner)

    I am currently subscribed to eight different Patreon’s who each specialize in content for Foundry, and D&D in general. While each have great content, especially the Foundry VTT ready ones, I’ve come to rely on the content from Seafoot Games to flesh out a large part of my campaign world. The recent Great City Bridge battlemap came in exactly when I needed it for an upcoming adventure series in which bridges span various islands where pirates make their home base. Looking forward to the party exploring the islands and the connecting bridges. Keep up the great work Seafoot Games!

  66. Kae (verified owner)

    On one hand, the maps in this bundle have very interesting concepts behind them. With few exceptions, they are super well made! On the other hand, there are not 520 UNIQUE maps. They say that on the bundle because they include many versions of some maps, with or without grid lines, or at different resolutions for example. There are still probably over 150 unique maps though, and it’s still an absolute bargain, if perhaps a little deceptive of a pitch.

    Besides the actual purchase, SeaFootGames are actually really nice people that care about their customers. They send their customers free maps often, which is really cool, and they are consistently high quality. I would absolutely recommend this pack, it’s the best deal I’ve found almost anywhere, and I got to support a small creator along the way.

  67. Kae (verified owner)

    Ah, unfortunately, I cannot edit my previous post, but I was incorrect and I apologize. It looks like I had the same problem some other people had of not all the files being visible or downloaded at first. I can’t count the maps because there are so many, but I have over 3400+ new items in my folder now, so it certainly looks like 520+ maps. So sorry for the confusion. All the other parts of my post stand, these are great people!

  68. J Walker (verified owner)

    Fantastic maps. Love how they are already formatted for Foundry. Will see lots of use with my group!

  69. Ciaran (verified owner)

    Amazing maps, perfect for setting up your own campaign or if you just need to make some filler episodes because your party (as per always) can’t take several very obvious hints as to where to go. Maps are great quality and easy to plug in to any VTT.

  70. Jordan (verified owner)

    Great maps. Made an excellent gift for my DM, he was very impressed with the variety and the intuitive way they were organized.

  71. Jack Hiller (verified owner)

    Really good value for what I paid which was about 33 pounds after the first-time buyers discount. I would recommend this bundle to anyone who’s running a campaign and wants to ease the trouble of setting up maps on Foundry vtt or Roll 20. The included story suggestions are somewhat awkward to find, they are stored in the larger download option, alongside the printable map segments intended for Irl sessions.

  72. Larry (verified owner)

    Fantastic value for the amount of work that went into these maps. The maps are beautiful, the Foundry assets super-simple to work with, and the additional sound and lighting features included make them incredibly atmospheric and immersive for my players. As a bonus, once you’ve purchased this bundle, they send a new map to your e-mail every week, so the goodness just keeps on coming! Thank you, Beb and Luke, for providing these fantastic resources at such a great price.

  73. Pavel (verified owner)

    I absolutely love the ability to use these maps with the foundry right out of the box. They have saved me hours of prep work, and given me the ability to imrpov whole sessions and battles which is amazing. I also love the catalogue of other maps I can use to customize and plan out adventures ahead of time. This bundle, and this price truly can’t be beat and I’m recommending it to anyone and everyone who uses the Foundry or just needs virtual maps in general.

  74. Dan (verified owner)

    Lots and lots of options to choose from in the pack. Nice that that have non gridded options too.

  75. Tony (verified owner)

    I am going to be honest. I have not used these maps yet. I saw the advertisement on You Tube while watching my favorite D&D videos. I am very excited to use these maps. I got these maps to help dive into DMing my first campaign. After downloading the maps I did take a look at various ones. they are very well done and i can’t wait to use them. They even have me looking at possibly getting the Foundry VTT software to fully utilize the maps features. Given the quality of these maps i have no doubt they will great. and i am already eying more of them.

  76. Garland (verified owner)

    Maps look lovely, though I still haven’t figured out how to browse through them easily in the pack. Hopefully there’s a trick to it. Can’t wait to try them out.

  77. Casey Trimm (verified owner)

    Maybe I’m expecting too much, but many of these maps feel incomplete. They don’t seem to be entire areas, with some having roads/paths that lead into other areas, without maps to match. In some, even interiors of houses are cut off.

    The art style is all over the place, too – which makes things feel a bit more disconnected when trying to build a campaign using them.

    I guess they’re fine for one-off battle maps, but I was hoping for more continuity between them. I don’t think I’ve found any that really fit the type of maps I’m looking for when building a campaign. An unfortunate waste of $40 for me.

    • Darth Bebeth (verified owner)

      Hi Casey, firstly thanks so much for trying out our work and I’m sorry to hear the maps weren’t what you’re looking for. The good news is they’re not a waste of $40 anymore as I have given you a full refund 🙂 Feel free to keep the maps too, in case there are any you find you do like in future.

      Regarding the difference in map styles, this was our first mega bundle with over a years worth of work, and Luke’s skill in making maps increased a lot during that time. So there are some older maps in this bundle which definitely don’t look as good as his newer work, which I can understand can be frustrating. Our newer bundles such as the Hardcore Bundle or Prepared GM’s Bundle are definitely much more consistent in style.

      Regarding the paths off the maps and buildings, that absolutely our own personal preference and I can understand it’s not for everyone. 🙂 Some GMs choose to connect different maps themselves depending on how they want to design a dungeon crawl, but I absolutely understand what you mean wishing that there were maps designed to connect to each other because it’s not easy. Unfortunately, maps that can connect to lots of other maps are quite hard to make and tend to limit what the edges of the maps can look like, which is why we don’t do them. However, Luke is currently working on a modular map kit where GMs can create their own maps from a set of tiles, which are all interchangeable and connectable with each other. That should help GMs like you who would prefer to have a system where everything seamlessly connects, and it’ll also allow you to create your own maps for each session. It’s a while off yet but I’m very excited about it 🙂

      Anyway, thanks again for trying our work and taking the time to let other GMs know about your experience! We do really appreciate your honest review and wish you all the best in future. 🙂

  78. William Daniel (verified owner)

    A good investment for the price; the $1k figure is marketing, but they can hardly be blamed for that. For $40 it is a great investment, the integration with foundry is fantastic and digging through them I’m easily able to pull whatever i need for a session. All in all pretty good. My only comment is i wish they had a way to combine them into one module for foundry, having each map be a unique module makes it very difficult for me to find non-map related modules i want to turn off or on.

    • Darth Bebeth (verified owner)

      Hi William, thanks so much for leaving a review and I’m super happy to hear you love the maps! While the 1k figure does sound outrageous on the surface, it’s based on the maps being listed on DriveThruRPG between $1 – $3 each. Now, obviously only people with obscene amounts of money would ever buy all the 520 or so maps individually at that price, but if they did that’s how much it would cost 🙂 DriveThruRPG actually calculated that amount for us based on what listings we added to the bundle, and we even had to change a few of the maps or adventures to free so it wouldn’t push the price up above $39, because we like that number. 😛 We’re also looking into combining everything into one module or compendium, but we’re very new to Foundry and don’t fully understand how to do that yet–but we want to! Hopefully there will be an update to the bundle later with that change. ^.^ Thanks again for such a lovely review, I hope you have a great day!

  79. Jon (verified owner)

    If you’re like me and either have a party that loves going places completely unrelated to the goal or don’t always have time to make a map this bundle is the perfect product for you. The foundry ready files are amazing and the normal are great for any other vtt or for you to print. The vast array of different settings mean no matter what you’ll get some use out of it. It is worth the purchase.

  80. Joe (verified owner)

    This many maps at this price point is an absolute steal! Love that they are VTT ready. The support from these guys is also top notch and very personal. I can’t recommend them enough.

  81. Joe (verified owner)

    The quarantine bundle is fantastic value for money! The maps are beautiful and easy to download!
    I used them with my online server for Foundry VTT and it was easy to import them in bulk and have them ready to go.
    I now have a few hundred maps on hand ready to go in whatever scenario my players throw at me – thanks so much!! 🙂

  82. Caleb

    Great maps and customer service, helped me figure out how to import them and set them up! Now I can spend my time making a story and not making maps.

  83. William Taylor (verified owner)

    I just wanted to say that these maps/modules are awesome. I’ve picked out two so far to add to my Abomination Vaults campaign. I’m adding in a Festival in the Market Square and the Summer Marketplace is perfect. Later on, if the town is attacked, the Destroyed Market will come in handy. It will take me some time to go through all of these wonderful maps, and that’s a good thing!

  84. Quin P. (verified owner)

    These maps are a steal for this many at the price! Multiple versions of maps in different settings allows you to choose the perfect map for wherever your players find themselves currently. There is incredible detail in every one and the 72 dpi versions load perfectly in Roll20 which I use as a couple of my players are in a different state. I can’t wait for them to see some of these larger maps with multiple levels of play!

  85. Quin P. (verified owner)

    I have already left one review but I couldn’t go back and edit it. And I wanted to add that this team provides the best customer service! They seriously put in so much effort to make sure your products works the way it should from downloading the files to assistance uploading them onto various platforms. Could not recommend them highly enough!

  86. James “Arcy” Hostetter (verified owner)

    I haven’t had a chance to run anything yet, but getting this many battle-maps for this price was too good a bargain to pass up! Looking forward to fights and such in the future!

  87. Kyle (verified owner)

    I’m loving the maps that I received after getting my Quarantine Bundle. Love the price and the easy accessibility and transfer over to Foundry VTT

  88. Jason T.

    Great maps for a great price. ?

  89. Hayden (verified owner)

    It’s wonderful that these have an option to come pre-build for FoundryVTT. The price for these was just a no-brainer to buy.

    Honestly really good work and saves me a bunch of time in the future 🙂

  90. Michael Rigby (verified owner)

    I love how many there are for pulling and categorized they are for looking for what I need for my session. Over all great product and at a good price.

  91. John Taylor (verified owner)

    Waffling between a 3 star and 4 star review on this.

    What I liked:

    – It’s a LOT of maps for the price point and if you use Foundry, it saves you from a lot of the time consuming aspects of finding a map and using it in Foundry since they have the walls and lighting and sounds already set up for you. The maps are detailed enough to run as is but also not TOO detailed so if you want to add some more detail to them, you can import them into your favorite map-making tool and edit them. (N.B. I use Dungeondraft and it was pretty easy to import them, add some details, export them, then put them into Foundry.)

    – While even just the maps themselves are good jumping off points for GMs to use their imagination to build adventures, the inclusion of numerous adventure prompts helps that even further.

    – It’s pretty straightforward to import them into Foundry and put them into your game as is… Unless you use a hosted solution.

    What I didn’t like:

    – The organization of the maps (even in the maps organized by type) is not very helpful, at least for me. It’s quite apparent that the

    – Each map is its own module, which is a bit cumbersome for people who use lots of modules in their games. In addition, it has a few extra steps that aren’t explained if you use a hosted solution. Also, the fact that they are modules means that (at least for the hosted solution that I use- which is one of the more popular Foundry hosted solutions) they count against the much smaller limit on Data rather then the larger limit on Assets, requiring you to go back and delete the module once the map is installed if you’re pushing up against your data limit.

    – Downloading the whole product was a bit cumbersome. The options I had were either downloading from Google Drive (which kept puttering out around 3/4 of the way through the downloading everything option) or the much slower option that eventually delivered.

    All in all, I see myself using a lot of these maps in upcoming adventures and am happy with my purchase, but there are a few issues with ease of access and with implementation (especially with hosted solutions) that could be addressed to make using this product easier for people new to using Foundry.

  92. John Taylor (verified owner)

    I had a previous review where I stated that I was pondering between a 3 and a 4 star review.

    After having actually played a few sessions with these maps, I have to give them a solid three star review.

    The main reason for the downgrade to a three star review is the walls. The main thing for me with maps in foundry is the time it takes to implement a map, and having walls already drawn is a great boon. However, the walls of these maps are a bit over-zealous, with invisible walls drawn in places the really didn’t need to be drawn.

    The first map that I used in one of my campaigns, I put it in and trusted that it would work well. However, the players were constantly complaining that the map showed them areas that they could see and from the map perspective *should* have been able to walk through,, but they couldn’t move their characters there because of how the invisible walls were drawn. I found myself having to constantly switch to the wall view mode in Foundry and remove invisible walls that honestly had no reason to be there in the first place so that navigation around the maps made sense *from the players’ perspective.*

    I had the SAME issue with different maps and a different group. From the PLAYERS’ perspective, there were places they should have been able to move to on the map, but weren’t able to due to all the invisible walls drawn around certain areas. This, yet AGAIN, halted the game while I had to switch to the wall view and remove invisible walls to make the map navigable according to the players’ expectations based on how the map looked.

    If I could get a version of the maps where all the “invisible” walls were removed, this would get back up to a four star review, but as it is, in order to use these maps in a way that they make sense from the players’ perspective, I have to spend a good amount of time removing invisible walls so that using these maps isn’t a pain point for the players in my campaigns.

    • Darth Bebeth (verified owner)

      Hi John, I’m so sorry for my late response! Luke and I had our first son early this year and things have been hectic before and afterwards which is why I’m only catching up on this now. I’m really sorry to hear this has been the case, we’re very new to Foundry and Zeph (Luke’s younger brother, who prepared the maps in Foundry) was a little bit over zealous about how he applied the walls in his early maps. Having tested some of the maps I can say it shouldn’t be most of them and perhaps you’ve been unlucky in running the worse ones right off the bat, but those are definitely a bit fiddly to fix. I’ve given you a full refund for your purchase as an apology for this experience. Please feel free to keep the maps in case there’s any you’d like to try running in the future 🙂

  93. Christopher Dunn (verified owner)

    So many choices and options. Great work on all the maps! This will really help me build adventures for my group. Thank you!

  94. Philip Eloy (verified owner)

    Got this for $39, and boy was it worth the price. There’s a LOT in here.

    The fact that they’re all set up to work with Foundry VTT (with lighting, ambient sound, walls, etc) is seriously wonderful too.

    I do have to mark it down one point for two small flaws, however.

    1) It’s kind of a pain in the ass to view the individual maps, so I know which ones I want to import into Foundry. Which brings me to…

    2) You have to import them one-by-one into Foundry. These maps are not a singular module that contains all of the maps, where you can just find a map you want, and click “import”.

    Which means that if you want to have all of them in Foundry so you can create a scene from these maps quickly and painlessly… Your Modules settings will be loaded with over 500 entries JUST for these maps. And then you have to open the module for the map you want and import it.

    If there was a way to load all of the maps as a single module, the score would go up to 5/5. This is genuinely the only downside I’ve seen thus far.

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