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Ruined Jungle Village of Nagia Falls Multi-Level 40×30 Battlemap & Adventure

Ruined Jungle Village of Nagia Falls Multi-Level 40×30 Battlemap & Adventure
Ruined Jungle Village of Nagia Falls Multi-Level 40×30 Battlemap & Adventure
Download this Ruined Jungle Village of Nagia Falls free multi-level 40×30 battlemap & adventure, featuring an excavation of an ancient magic spacecraft. VTT ready!

Ruined Jungle Village of Nagia Falls Multi-Level 40×30 Battlemap & Adventure

The Hidden Treasures of Nagia Falls

While visiting a small village near a thick jungle, you are approached by a young woman with bright eyes and an expression of barely concealed enthusiasm. She’s dressed like an explorer, and has a large pack filled with supplies on her back.

“Hello, my name is Penelope Smock, an explorer and archaeologist. My expedition is about to set out to discover the location of a remarkable find from a lost civilization, and we could use a little muscle, just in case. Not that I expect anything to go wrong, mind you! But it never hurts to take precautions.

“In addition to a generous retainer, I’m willing to give you a cut of any treasures we find at the site. It lies deep in the jungle, so we have a couple of days travel ahead of us, and there’s likely to be some ongoing exploration of the site, so we’d like you to stay in the area for a few weeks. Are you at all interested?”

If you agree to accept her offer, Penelope will smile broadly and shake your hand. “We leave within the hour, so if you’ve any last-minute shopping to do, now’s the time. Let’s meet up just outside the village entrance.”

Once you’re ready to go, you can meet Penelope and the rest of her team before heading further into the jungle. Her people number around twenty, and are carrying all sorts of equipment including large axes, hammers, nails, everything one would use to build a permanent base. If you inquire further about Penelope’s intentions, she’s happy to explain further.

“If this turns out as my research suggests, we’ll need to be there for a month or two in order to fully uncover the wonders the place is hiding. Of course, if I’m wrong, we’ll be back before the end of the week!

“But it is my firm hope that the site reveals what I hope it does. You’ll have to forgive me for dancing around a complete answer. The group of guards I hired for my last expedition came highly recommended, but it turned out they were under the employ of a rival of mine, Doctor Claude Eastman, a man who will stop at nothing to possess the relics of old and use that knowledge for his own ends.”

“So, to avoid that problem, I waited until the last minute and looked for some local adventurers who couldn’t possibly have any affiliation with the good doctor. And here you are! Well, enough chit-chat, let’s get there already!”

You continue on through the jungle for two full days, before Penelope spots a statue almost completely obscured by lush vines.

“It’s a signpost of sorts,” she explains, clearing away the greenery to reveal a strange language etched into the stone. “This way to Nagia Falls. This is it! We’re nearly there!” With renewed vigor, she presses on, and should you follow, you are treated to the sight of a cliff rising out of the jungle with a plateau visible up high.

Two sets of large doors are built into the side of the cliff, but one of those is damage and open to the jungle.

“That’s our way in,” Penelope says, pointing at the breached doors. “Don’t worry about the climb, I brought a few trinkets to help out!” She goes to one of her team and retrieves a rope with a gem-studded grappling hook at one end. She whirls it around and tosses it up to the breached door, and the grappling hook magically clamps on.

“Follow me,” she cries, crabbing onto the rope which retracts upward, carrying her aloft with ease! The rope extends once she’s safe, and one by one, you’re able to ascend the cliff. When you reach the top however, you see Penelope is fending off writhing plants, trying to snare her and feed her into a giant toothed maw!

Should you kill the giant carnivorous plant at the entrance, Penelope thanks you, then straightens her torn tunic and leads you through a tunnel to another chamber, while the rest of the team make the ascent. She lights the place with a small wand, and what she sees there takes her breath away.

“A Nagia Gemcraft,” she breathes. “I’ve never seen one intact before. That alone was worth the effort! I’ll be investigating that soon, but right now we should get to the surface and set up camp.”

Should you follow her back along the passageway, you find some stairs leading up, and soon emerge onto the plateau where you see ruined buildings from the long lost civilization. Unfortunately, you can see the place is infested with more flesh-eating plants!

“Not this time,” Penelope cries, taking out a gem-tipped wand that crackles with lightning. “Let’s clear this place out!” With her help, you can take on a bunch of these horrid monstrosities.

Should you survive, Penelope thanks you a great deal for your efforts, and pays you your first bag of gold. “We can take it from here, but don’t go too far away as we might need your assistance again soon. Thanks!” she then moves to help her team set up camp for the night.

GM’s Notes:

The giant plants can’t move of course, but they have long tentacles they will use to try and pull people in. Penelope’s wand can create a shocking blast of electricity, but doesn’t have much range.

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