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The Wandering City Adventurer’s Guide TTRPG Battlemap Bundle

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Download the Wandering City Adventurer’s Guide TTRPG Battlemap Bundle and sail between fantasy stars and planets. Take your players to this hub of corrupt interstellar trade and spend at least nine sessions exploring nearby locations while battling planet-devouring foes, freeing a political prisoner, assassinating a pirate king, becoming a thief crew for a heist, and so much more with the included adventures and battlemaps—all the while using this borderline-lawless asteroid city as your base of operations!

Built on the back of a huge asteroid, the Wandering City of Yamada provides a home to thousands of people as it drifts through space. A port of call to merchants, travelers and adventurers, Yamada is a trade hub that links the planets of this system to places beyond, out in the Ocean of Stars. It is an independent trade city that relies on the great runeships equipped to sail the dark sea in order to survive and prosper.

A large portion of the population live on the surface, where a thin but breathable atmosphere is maintained. Structures made from the surrounding regolith dot the landscape, providing a place for the landed class to carry out their lives. It is here that the ruling Council of Merchants resides, led by the wealthiest members of the six trading houses, plotting their next profitable venture while making sure their rivals stay in their place.

Along the gully that runs through the center of the city, a traveler will find a vast cavern that runs for miles into the asteroid’s interior. It is here where the lower classes reside in the darkness, lit by the magical force that provides power to the city and beholden to the merchant class for their very existence.

While the Council works to expand peaceful trade throughout the cosmic reaches, they’re not above using underhanded tactics to get what they want. Thus, a great game of shadowy deals goes on in the city’s underworld, shaping the very society around it. Citizens are usually aligned with one of the major houses, but a few exceptional individuals are able to stand apart from the rest and make their own way in the world.

It is a city of opportunity for great wealth and adventure, but also great peril if a newcomer does not understand the subtle political forces at work behind the scenes.

How will your players choices shape the surrounding star systems, as well as Yamada itself? What they do will impact the survival of entire peoples and their cultures, or even cause them to be lost forever…

Download the Wandering City Adventurer’s Guide TTRPG Battlemap Bundle today for 9+ star faring sessions getting into all manner of lawless trouble, and watch your players struggle as they walk the line between good and evil in this ruthless part of the dark sea. 

9 Battlemaps with One-Shot Adventures Included

This illustrated, 39 page Adventurer’s Guide contains 9 battlemaps with system-agnostic adventures written just for them, a map of the town, locations, a list of factions, important NPCs (portraits included), more adventure seeds, plus 3 illustrated digital item cards with loot your players can find!

FoundryVTT Ready

The included battlemaps are ready for Foundry VTT with walls, lighting, ambient sound and some animations. The maps also come as several files. Griddless .jpegs so they can easily be used in other VTT software like Roll20, as well as gridded home-print A4 .pdfs, and A1 or A0 gridded poster print files for professional printing at places like Staples or Office Depot. If you have any difficulties setting them up, we’re also always just an email away!


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