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Arena Prison of the Condemned Free TTRPG Battlemap

Free TTRPG battlemap of a Arena Prison of the Condemned
Grab this free TTRPG battlemap of a Arena Prison of the Condemned, with bloody symbols in the stone fighting pit. VTT-ready, download now!

A serpentine path leads up out of the cities walls, through the heavy fog and up towards the mountains peak. After ascending a wide stone staircase you finally arrive at the gates of this prison, a place where nobles come to enjoy watching some of societies worst disembowel each other.

It houses adequate living quarters for the guards and caretakers of the prison, several weeks of food stocks, cells for dozens of criminals and it’s pride and joy, the arena.

The arena is connected to three sets of cells, containing prisoners that are expected to fight within the next day. They’re generally set into three distinct “teams” and named after a certain color, such as green, red, and yellow. The prisoners are both expected to work with their partner while fending of attacks from both the other teams, at least if they wish to live.

Over the years the warden has found this set up leads to the most exiting viewing experiences for the nobles.

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  1. Love this.. I stumbled on to this page, while Looking for inspiration for a new campaign I am writing for a convention ni February. I developed a Dark domain for Ravenloft… these maps are amazing, and I plan to use several!!

    I look forward to investing and seeing more of your content! Please keep up the amazing Work!

    1. Hi Brian, I’m so sorry about my late response, I only just saw your comment now! It really makes me happy to hear this helped give you inspiration for your dark domain in Ravenloft, homebrewing a campaign for that setting would be SO FUN! I haven’t played in Ravenloft yet myself, I’d love to do the Curse of Strahd campaign as that’s meant to be really good story-wise. I hope these maps really helped, we’ve made a few more gothic ones since this was made which you might like. I’m going to link you to a few of my favorites which might be helpful, unless you’ve already seen them 🙂

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