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Free TTRPG Battlemap – Ruined Port of Murkmire

Click image to download this free TTRPG battlemap of a Ruined Port of Murkmire, then keep scrolling for the detailed adventure prompt written for it ?

Free TTRPG battlemap of a Ruined Port of Murkmire

Ten years ago people started to go missing in the town of Murkmire, the mayor didn’t take it very seriously, stating they probably just got lost out in the salt marsh but less than a week later Murkmire was a ghost town.  

No one knows what occurred there but local rumor says the town is cursed, however a young women claiming to be the daughter of the captain of the sea’s spirit, a large fishing vessel that harbored at Mirkmire wishes to find out the truth. She’s hired you to travel to Murkmire and undercover the secret horrors that now lie below the waves.

What’s going on? Just over ten years ago the sea’s spirit hauled in a strange artifact with a catch of fish. The captain took possession of it and over the next week he and his crew began a horrible transformation. First their minds decayed, then their bodies. They became horribly disfigured, growing gills, and webbing between their hands, and then the hunger began.

After eating through all of their fish they turned their gaze to the town of Murkmire and over the next few days during the night, the crew of the sea’s spirit would sneak into Murkmire and kidnap people to eat.  

This ended and a new horror began when a large storm swept the sea’s spirit directly into Mirkmires docklands, destroying piers and bridges and lodging the ship in place. With no where to go the creatures aboard the ship departed into the town feasting on the residents while thunder and the storm muffled their screams.

The monsters of the sea’s spirit still live in their boat to this day, never traveling to far from the artifact that changed them into what they became…

The captain still carry’s a watertight locket of his daughter and his wife around his neck, this can be used to identify him.  

While exploring the town you may find a journal that discusses the captain of the sea’s spirit as acting strangely and carrying a small ebony statue around at all times before his crew and himself went missing along with his ship. Three days later the people of Murkmire started going missing as well, being fed on by the now monstrous crew of the sea’s spirit.

If the artifact is destroyed the crew of the sea’s spirit will be cured of their curse, their monstrous flesh being shed to reveal the human within, but what of the horror’s these men committed during their time cursed? Can they be redeemed?

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