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Free Multi-Level Battlemap – Twilight Grotto

Click image to download this free TTRPG battlemap of a Twilight Grotto, then keep scrolling for the detailed adventure prompt written for it ?

Free TTRPG battlemap of a Twilight Grotto

Twelve years ago was the first time in over one hundred years that the forest changed to a wonderland full of color and mystery. This has continued now, once every four years during the great day of leaps. However It is forbidden on this day to travel the forest, many even hide in their houses and claim the forests changes bring ill omen upon their village.  

For you see over the twelve years these occasions have proceeded horrible ills befallen the village, starting with the disappearance of some children and concluding in the spread of a deadly disease and then a famine four years later.

The same has began again but to a terrifying degree, at the dawn of the great day of leaps, half the parents of the town awoke to empty children’s cots. They beg you to travel into the forest to find their children.

What’s going on? Over one hundred years ago an ancient fey gate would open in the nearby forest during the day of great leaps, changing the landscape to a colorful wonderland. The fey of the forest would then travel to the nearby village to enjoy their delights disguised as foreign humans. However during a horrible storm the gate was broken and so the fey stopped coming. It was only twelve years ago when a druid repaired this old gateway that the forest began to change again and with that the fey returned.

If you head into the heart of the forest and find this location, the fey will try and deceive you to have you leave but if you persist will end their disguises and explain to you what is going on. Apparently the leader of these fey is a seer and had foresaw both the disease and the famine that would follow, he instructed his followers to save whatever fey blooded children descendants they could before these occurred and so they did. Unfortunately only children of a certain age are able to accompany them back to the fey-wilds wherein their fey blood will transform them over the years into fey like their ancestors.  

However this time when the fey returned the seer foresaw an imminent raid on the village that will occur shortly and thus they have taken all the remaining fey blooded children of the village before they’re slaughtered.

The fey refuse to give back the children and if forced to will fight you. However if you choose to fight the fey you won’t have time to return to the village and save the people from the imminent raid.

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