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Free TTRPG Battlemap – Airship Docks Battle

Click image to download this free TTRPG battlemap of a Airship Docks Battle, then keep scrolling for the detailed adventure prompt written for it ?

Free TTRPG battlemap of a Airship Docks Battle

A large explosion jolts you from your slumber as the port shakes from the force. The towns streets fill with smoke as houses begin to burn and rumble covers the paths where people huddle for safety. When you enter the streets a man in guardsmen garb comes around the corner clutching his sword and his side, blood dripping between his fingers. 

Behind him a women in a colorful shawl stands close, he eyes you up and down noticing your armaments as he falls to one knee coughing blood. After finishing his coughing and wiping blood away from his mouth he straight up demands that you assist him, noting his rank as lieutenant of guard. He explains the women behind him is an important person and may be the target of this monstrous attack.  

She must be escorted to the airships at once before the town is to fall, for the information that she carries should it fall to the enemy would, may mean the end of the entire kingdom.

When you get to the docks you see the bodies of several guards men among the ruins and flames as well as several other men walking around with long swords, skewering anyone that is still alive.

Beyond them lies but a few of the remaining functional airships.

What’s going on? The women in the colorful shawl worked as an archaeologist for a wealthy but secretive benefactor whom had paid her a fortune to help unravel the mystery of an ancient portal and the scrolls it was found with. Through her effort she finally figure out it’s function and was horrified. She confided with her employer, who was ecstatic hearing the news, explaining to her that he intended to use this weapon to take over the kingdom or bring it to ruin, to usher in a new age.  

It was then she realized she had been fooled into helping bring this weapon back to life, so she fled, destroying what little work she could before leaving.

When she arrived in the town the guard’s didn’t take her story of evil villain who intended on using an ancient super weapon to take over the kingdom seriously, neither the imminent attack she foresaw from this villain in an effort to retrieve her. Instead they put her in a cell as if she was a crazy person.

It was only when the attack began that the lieutenant began to believe her story and couldn’t very well leave her in the cell.

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