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Free Multi-Level Battlemap – Excavated World Seed Spaceship

Click image to download this free TTRPG battlemap of an Excavated World Seed Spaceship, then keep scrolling for the detailed adventure prompt written for it.

Free TTRPG battlemap of an Excavated World Seed Spaceship

A mudslide exposed this cave and it’s since become an essential excavation site. You’ve been paid by a scholar to escort him to this remote location from a city, several days travel away. He was invited to join the excavation as the best expert they could find to help them understand what they’ve uncovered.

When you arrive, the site seems deserted. Venturing inside you are attacked by archaeologists covered with glowing blue and purple plants, their skin matching in colouration and pulsing with specs of light.

Deeper in, more people are kneeling before a pale, glowing bulb. Plants and flowers are slowly growing over them, but they are not yet as covered as the other archaeologists who first attacked. Their glazed eyes turn towards you as their mouths begin to rasp words…

WHAT’S HAPPENING? The excavation has uncovered an ancient spaceship, one of many sent by aliens to terraform various planets and make their environment habitable. However, this ship crashed and the Seed couldn’t spread life. Now that it’s been exposed to the surface, the Seed is determined to fulfil its purpose of making the planet habitable for its creators—regardless of the fact that life has since evolved.

The Seed is telekinetic and calls to the minds of surrounding lifeforms to kneel before it and slowly become covered by plants. It can talk with words through the humans it is in the process of changing, but the others roaming the excavation site are too far gone to speak.

It can only communicate its purpose directly via telepathic visions, such as a barren planet, the ship landing, and life blooming across the world’s surface. If the Seed is killed, the surrounding plant life and the growths on the archaeologists will shrivel and die. However, only those still kneeling near the Seed are unchanged enough to survive it.

The Seed has first created guards to protect itself, but plans to send those kneeling before it out into the world to spread itself further. When the flowers on their backs bloom with glowing white spores, they will spread and begin to change the rest of the planet.

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