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Free Multi-Level TTRPG Battlemap – Haunted Orphanage

Click image to download this free TTRPG battlemap of a Haunted Orphanage, then keep scrolling for the detailed adventure prompt written for it.

Free TTRPG battlemap of a Haunted Orphanage
Free TTRPG battlemap of a Haunted Orphanage
Free TTRPG battlemap of a Haunted Orphanage

You arrive at a ruined manor in a dark forest, at the behest of a man who discovered—on his alcoholic father’s deathbed—that the land was his inheritance, from his grandmother. But it has a bad reputation, so he’s paid you to inspect it and ensure it’s safe.

As you step into the overgrown courtyard, the ghosts of five adorable children materialize around you. They whine playfully, begging you to play a game with them. They’ve each hidden an object around the manor, and if you find it and return it to them, you win!

A short boy tells you that, far above, woody fingers clasp onto something that glitters with gold. One of the girls trills how, in the tallest tower, waits something soft, and comforting. A smaller girl adds that, under the water glistens a shining eye. Lastly, the ghost of the tallest boy advises that buried in the rubble, secrets are bound.

Should you find everything and return them, the children will squeal with delight. They’ll thank you, saying that’s the most fun they’ve ever had, and that they’re going to go now; before skipping off into the surrounding woodland and disappearing.

If you miss an item, the child responsible for it will grow angry and attack. If you’ve missed more than one, whichever children have been angered will coalesce into a more dangerous wraith; saying you’re just like the matron, that she didn’t like their games either. The more children there are coalescing, the deadlier the wraith will become.

WHAT’S HAPPENING? The manor used to be an orphanage, run by an abusive matron—the mother of the deceased, alcoholic father. She never let the kids play games, often beating them terribly for doing so. Until, one night, a fire destroyed the building and none survived.

The items the children have sent you to find are a golden pocket watch in the eagle’s nest, a teddy bear wrapped up in the spider’s nest, and a tiger’s eye gem in the flooded basement.

The last item, buried in a pile of rubble, was the journal of the orphanage’s matron. It details her struggles with the devilish, willfully misbehaving children who made her beat them. They knew no obedience, she writes, and surely would fail as adults in such a harsh world if she did not discipline them.

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