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Free TTRPG Battlemap – Darrowmeer Burial Grounds

Click image to download this free TTRPG battlemap of a Darrowmeer Burial, then keep scrolling for the detailed adventure prompt written for it.

Free TTRPG battlemap of a Darrowmeer Burial

An unnatural fog has descended on the township of Darrowmeer after their burial grounds were desecrated by grave robbers and while the robbers were dealt with the mist remained. You’ve been tasked with entering the burial grounds with a priest to reconsecrate the mausoleum, however the priest is concerned that this action could cause the dead to briefly rise from their graves in anguish and attempt to stop the ritual.

When you enter the mausoleum, you’re greeted by five ghostly figures hovering over broken tombs, they introduce themselves as Lady Jane, a cleric and worshiper of the light, The Red Duke, a fighter and renown knight, Silvia Greenbarrow, a druid of the sacred grove, Elmeth Zigoth, a famous wizard and Jarnock, ranger of the great reachs.

Each offers to assist you in your goal of reconsecrating the mausoleum but will not work with the others, during this time of talk they jest with each other and boast about their personal prowess and achievements during their life.

Each ghost will offer you a unique boon while the consecration in progress which are listed below:

Lady Jane will assist in the consecration which will cause holy damage to any undead that enter the mausoleum every turn, and change your weapons damage type to holy.

The Red Duke will empower you, increasing your critical range and damage for each enemy struck down.

Silvia Greenbarrow will grow large blossoming rose bushes covering up to 10 squares with sharp thorns that cannot be passed through, any who try take slashing damage.

Elmeth Zigoth will grant you a random arcane symbol based off the result of a D4 each turn that grants different effects:

1. Double your movement speed and gain flying.

2. Triple your movement speed and jump height.

3. Double your movement speed, you may move through walls and enemies as if you were a ghost.

4. You may teleport up to double your movement speed, teleporting does not provoke opportunity attacks.

Jarnock will summon animal spirits to assist you in your battle, healing your wounds and increasing your resilience to damage as well as environmental effects.

When the consecration begins just as the priest feared, the undead begin to rise, dozens, perhaps even hundreds clamber from their moist graves and shamble towards the mausoleum. You’ll need to hold them off and protect the priest for five rounds.

After this time the consecration is complete and a large pillar of light will project high into the sky from the peak of the mausoleum breaking away the mists and allow the sun to shine once more, at this very moment all remaining undead fall to the ground defeated.

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