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Free TTRPG Battlemap – Primitive Forest Village Arena

Click image to download this free TTRPG battlemap of a Primitive Forest Village Arena, then keep scrolling for the detailed adventure prompt written for it.

Free TTRPG battlemap of a Primitive Forest Village Arena

You are paid to find a valuable magic necklace set with amber stones. It’s a relic that was on an overdue caravan travelling through this area. If you search for it you’ll find the carts tipped over, spears and colorful arrows lodged in their sides. Broken crates are strewn along the ground, their contents spilling out. But the necklace isn’t there, nor anything else shiny.

Footprints churn the earth surrounding the caravan. They lead into the forest and if you follow them you’ll arrive at a timber palisade with large doors. Above the surrounding cliffs you can see straw huts, with primitive people standing outside and cheering at something beyond the fence. One of them sees you and screams, pointing, before four-dozen angry warriors emerge and surround you. They grin and bark in broken common to surrender.

If you do, they open the heavy doors and thrust you inside, barring them behind you. You see you’re in a pit with high walls and spot the bodies of dead caravaners littering the ground, covered in gore and churned soil. Another warrior is in there, his blades dripping crimson.

The cheering stops as a fat man begins speaking from a platform, surrounded by his comely sons, daughters, and wife. He announces that the man in the pit has shown promise and is well on his way to winning his daughter’s hand. He gestures to the one gorgeous woman on the platform, who is wearing the glowing amber necklace that you’ve been looking for.

If you survive the ensuing fight, guards will lead you away from the booing audience and down into a cave in one of the cliffs. Once there, you will be locked in cages, alongside other seemingly local warriors. If you talk to them, they will claim in broken common that none of them want to be there. That they were kidnapped from their villages and forced to fight.

One warrior, closest to your cage, will explain that he has fought three rounds and has been there for about two weeks. If asked why they don’t want to fight for such a beautiful woman he will give you an odd look and say “she has the ugly, I do not want to marry that”.

WHAT’S HAPPENING? The chieftain’s ugliest daughter has been made beautiful by the necklace. Many of the warriors remember what she looked like before and don’t want her as a wife, which is why the village has resorted to kidnapping men for neighboring towns and bolstering their numbers by adding outsiders for entertainment.

If you win, your betrothed will stubbornly refuse to give you the necklace until married. When she takes it off her true hideous features will show, with an entitled personality to match. Unless you figure out how to ditch her, she will wish to follow her husband around wherever he goes—the locals do not want her and are eager to see her leave.

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