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Free TTRPG Battlemap – Eldritch Sky City Battlements

Click image to download this free TTRPG battlemap of Eldritch Sky City Battlements, then keep scrolling for the detailed adventure prompt written for it.

Free TTRPG battlemap of Eldritch Sky City Battlements

You’re a guard for this city that was built to imprison and watch Gormos the Ancient One. Every day you stand at your post in the lookout towers, taking shifts with your fellow fighters. Beneath you the magically talented, elite warriors known as Keepers wander in and out of the city with important duties.

The highest of their order are the Gem Masters, and each morning you watch as a group of them descend the vile tentacles of the eldritch horror known as Gormos, all the way down to his slippery, deformed body. There they check that magical crystals which were embedded within his flesh generations ago are still functioning; dampening the monstrosity’s powers and ensuring he cannot escape to consume the world.

Only, today, the Gem Masters haven’t returned. Hours crawl by, slowly, and tensions rise. Your superior begins to look nervous, and you catch glimpses of her talking to several Keepers who hurry in and out from the fortifications in the hopes of updates.

Just as talk of a planned Keeper expedition begins surfacing, one of the Gem Masters clambers over the edge of the floating city, collapsing on the stone path. He is covered in blood and bleeding from several deep gashes. “We are under attack!” the man yells hoarsely, just as giant, parasitic mites crawl over the lip of the city; climbing up from the surrounding tentacles.

WHAT’S HAPPENING? The mites are parasites which feast and breed on Gormos’s swollen body. They burrow into his flesh, surviving off his blood and the mucus which coats his slimy skin. Usually, the Gem Masters kill what mites they can during their daily checks of the crystals, but today they were betrayed.

The surviving Gem Master, named Z’oggath, killed his brethren, cutting down those who trusted him—though he claims his group were overwhelmed and killed by the parasites. Due to his betrayal, he has inherited the position of the lead Gem Master, and now declares that this tragedy happened due to the negligence of others from his order.

He will attempt to use the turmoil he stirs up to overthrow the current leader of the Keeper Order. He has done this because he is mad—for living nearby the eldritch horror, listening to the constant whispers in the mind, causes all those to go mad, eventually. It is only a question of when.

Usually, the madness shows by the victim’s eye colour changing to violet, however Z’oggath’s eyes are delayed in undergoing the change. It is the custom of the Keepers in this city to humanely execute those among them who begin showing signs of this madness, but this Gem Master has hidden it well. If he remains undetected and achieves his goals, he will blind himself as soon as his eyes begin to change, and disguise it as a horrible accident.

Once he becomes leader of the Council of Keepers, he intends to spread his madness to the others, and convince them to free Gormos. For the horror’s whispers in his minds have told him that the monstrosity isn’t what their histories have told them, that they have been lied to, and must free Gormos to see what gifts he will bestow upon the world…


This adventure prompt is a prequel to the one written for Ruined City of Chained Horror, where Z’oggath’s plans have reached fruition and Gormos’s release is imminent.

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