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Secret Naval Base Free 40×30 Multi-Level Battlemap & Adventure

Secret Naval Base Free 40x30 Multi-Level Battlemap & Adventure
Secret Naval Base Free 40x30 Multi-Level Battlemap & Adventure
The Secret Naval Base Free 40×30 Multi-Level Battlemap & Adventure, featuring helping an old captain reclaim his ship. VTT ready!

Secret Naval Base Free 40×30 Multi-Level Battlemap & Adventure

Pirates in Disguise

While visiting a tavern on a dark and stormy night in a seaside city, your respite is interrupted when the door opens and a barrel-chested man with thick muttonchops gracing his cheeks, wearing simple sailor’s garb bursts into the common room. The room falls silent as he stomps over to the bar and orders a shot of rum, the eyes of all present watching his every move.

“What’s that all about?” one of the people at the table next to your whispers to his friend.

“That’s Captain Hargraves,” comes the quiet reply. “Word is, his ship was hijacked by corsairs and they sent him off in the longboat. He looks mighty upset about it.”

Captain Hargraves turns and leans his back against the bar, quaffs his rum in a single gulp and smacks the glass onto the polished countertop.

“You’ve probably heard about my troubles by now,” he rumbles, casting his gaze over everyone in the common room. “Aye, my ship was taken from under my very nose, and I’ll not stand for it one minute longer than I have to. I intend to take her back from the very fiends what stole her from me in the first place, but I’ll need a stout crew in order to succeed.

“A crew of brave souls, steeped in danger and reckless adventure,” he continues, walking slowly around the room. “The finest crew a captain could hope for, ready to tackle the unknown on the high seas. True sailors, with salt water flowing through their veins, ready and willing to take up arms and fight to right wrongs and settle the score.

“Who among you be the kind of adventurers I’m looking for? Who will stand by ol’ Captain Hargraves as he battles the traitorous scurvy dogs what stole his ship? Who will step up to join this Ocean Adventure™?”

You can’t help but notice he’s been looking directly at you for most of his speech, and nobody else has said a single word. If you answer this call to high-seas fisticuffs, the captain looks at you with a satisfied smile.

“Truly, you’ve a heart of steel and courage to spare! Join me at the docks at dawn, where we shall depart with the morning tide.” With that, he stomps through the door into the driving rain and thunder.

After you have a chance to rest overnight, if you still intend to join the good captain, you can saunter down to the docks where you’ll see Captain Hargraves awaiting your arrival.

“Avast, mighty heroes,” he greets you. “Climb aboard my boat, the Saucy Minnow, and we’ll set sail immediately.” The boat in question appears to be little more than a skiff, and there’s nobody else with him. “I know what you’re thinking, and she may be small, but the Minnow is just the sneaky vessel we need to get in close to our mark. I’ll explain on the journey.”

Should you climb aboard this underwhelming vessel, Captain Hargraves casts off and raises the sail, sitting at the stern where he controls the rudder. He tells you more about the corsairs who stole his ship, the Salty Kipper, and how they managed to pull off the theft.

“Twas an old crew member of mine, Mister Longfield, a crafty sailor if ever there was one,” Hargraves explains. “Turns out he was working with a corrupt branch of the local navy, pretending to inspect vessels for safety reasons, but actually purloining them like common pirates!

“There’s a secret naval base not far from here, where they gather their supplies and keep ships they’ve stolen. I can’t abide pirates, but sailors in the navy resorting to piracy is a step lower, I tell you.”

The journey continues for a few more hours, until you see a large outcropping of rock rising above the waves. Captain Hargraves confirms this is the location, and as you close in you see a few ships anchored nearby.

“There she is!” he cries, pointing at a fine-looking merchantman anchored just ahead. “But we’ll never get her away from the base without being attacked by their artillery. Look over yonder, you can see they’ve set up siege engines to prevent our escape. We’ll have to hit the base first, then make our way to the Kipper. Hold tight, I’m taking us around the back to the docks!”

He navigates the Saucy Minnow around the edge of the base, and fortunately, the vessel is small enough to remain undetected. Soon, you see the jetty around the back, and the Minnow pulls up alongside. Captain Hargraves leaps from the boat and draws his cutlass as guards approach to prevent your arrival!

If you join in, you can assist Captain Hargraves as he sends these traitorous sailors to meet their maker, then he urges you to follow as you storm into the base, looking for the siege engines. You race up the stairs on the eastern side to the sounds of alarm, emerging into the base proper, where you must fight your way through the assembled guards!

If you make it through, you see the siege engines set up just outside the main hallway. Captain Hargraves kicks over a few barrels of pitch, grabs a nearby lantern and tosses it onto the seeping fluid, which immediately catches fire! Just as you’re about to leave, you’re confronted by a burly sailor leading a group of naval marines!

“Captain Hargraves, you salty old white-bellied cuttlefish,” their leader snarls. “This time, me and my new mates will see you tossed into the briny deep!”

“Mister Longfield, I should have known you’d be involved in these dirty dealings!” Captain Hargraves bellows. “Now’s my chance to make you pay for your treachery!” You’ll have to fight your way past them to make it back to the dock, as fire from the burning siege engines spreads!

If you fight your way through, you can take the Saucy Minnow back out to where the Salty Kipper is at anchor, climb aboard and make your way back to the city. Captain Hargraves is mightily impressed, and tosses you a bag of gold for your efforts!

“You can sail with me anytime, mate,” he chortles as he sails you back to shore!

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