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Underground Forge Complex Free 40×30 Battlemap & Adventure

Underground Forge Complex Free 40x30 Battlemap & Adventure featuring malfunctioning gnomish magi-tech in a Dwarven mine. VTT ready!
Underground Forge Complex Free 40x30 Battlemap & Adventure featuring malfunctioning gnomish magi-tech in a Dwarven mine. VTT ready!
Underground Forge Complex Free 40×30 Battlemap & Adventure featuring malfunctioning gnomish magi-tech in a Dwarven mine. VTT ready!

Underground Forge Complex Free 40×30 Battlemap & Adventure

Servitors of the Deepmines

The Dwarven Mining Guild has reached out to anyone willing to help in investigating a sudden and widespread malfunction in the gnomish magi-tech servitors that manage the enchanted forges, they caution that the servitors have become dangerous and only those with combat experience should contact them as a confrontation is very likely.

Choosing to help, you find yourself in the mines control center, where you meet Chief Engineer Gearspark. She explains that two days ago all of the magi-tech servitors that normally run the forge went haywire at the same time, breaking off from their normal tasks, Attempts to reboot them failed and a couple of the dwarven overseers were injured but managed to make it out of the mines with their lives.

Engineer Gearspark points to a large magical display showing the status of the forges and the locations of malfunctioning servitors before explaining that there are at least six servitors within the main forge complex but the display hasn’t been able to track them correctly since they went haywire so you should be careful.

If you choose to take on this request Gearspark explains you’ll need to deal with the servitors before investigating the rest of the complex. She requests you don’t destroy the servitors completely as they cost a lot to replace but understands if you need to damage them somewhat to put them out of commission for the meantime.

In addition one of the cogmasters has also gone missing within the complex and Gearspark fears the worst and would be very grateful if you found them. Taking a railcar you descend several miles deeper into the mines before it slows and you disembark at a small station used for miners. Signs up ahead point you in the right direction and following the mine tracks you soon find yourself within the Forge complex.

If you’re careful you might be able to observe some of the servitors carrying around strange purple ore in crates before pouring it into one of the many forges. If they spot you or you intervene in their work they will however attack you with deadly force, using their hammer like fists to pummel you to death.

Making your way around the complex you may find a servitor repair bay, with a desk full of parts. If you’re knowledgeable about engineering or other crafts which may include servitor design you might notice the remains of some strange parts which are not normally part of the usual design.

Further inspection reveals them to be transcription cogs which are normally used to help program the servitors but in this case they look like they may function as additions on top of the usual cogs, perhaps even overriding the original transcription cogs.

Outside the repair bay you find some crates which if inspected look to have recently been filled with purple ingots which seem to almost glow and upon closer inspection it appears crates have been moved in the area recently, perhaps onto the rail network.

Inside the main building which houses the largest forges, you find three of the servitors busily carrying purple ore and depositing it into the forges. When spotted, they head towards you threateningly.

Deeper within the complex you find a large pit with cranes above it, the cranes appear to be pulling up the purple ore from below and if you listen closely it’s almost like you can hear a faint whisper coming from the pit. Perhaps it’s just the wind, however.

The last area you come upon is the ingot forging room which is heavily guarded by the servitors who are collecting the fresh purple ingots and preparing them to be shipped. They also attack you on sight. On a platform at the end of the room you find the missing cogmaster passed out but alive.

Returning to Engineer Gearspark with the unconscious cogmaster, she motions for you to place them on a sleeping cot nearby. Gearspark is intrigued to hear about the purple ore and ingots, explaining that while the ore they normally mine is used in the creation of magically infused ingots via the forges, the purple ore must be new. She pauses for a few moments in thought before speculating that perhaps they broke into a new cavern in the pit mine that contained this new ore.

If you mention the odd transcription cogs you found or the whispers you heard near the pit mine, Gearspark is concerned and suggests that you and her try and wake the cogmaster as perhaps they have more information.

While difficult, you eventually get the cogmaster semi-conscious, they seem confused rolling about in the bed cot, talking softly about whispers from the mine. That it felt like they were watching through another’s eyes as their body moved, creating the transcription cogs and implementing them in the servitors.

The cogmaster continues that the voices wanted them to collect the ore to make the ingots and to send them to a specific kingdom and that several shipments have already been sent via the rail network… With that last sentence the cogmaster passes out again.

Engineer Gearspark looks very concerned about everything, before thanking you for your help. She explains that in the meantime she’ll make sure no one else accesses that area of the mine or the forges while she tries to trackdown where those ominous purple ingots were sent to. With that she offers you a reasonable reward, either in gold or some of the usual magical ingots they produce which can be used in crafting magical equipment.

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