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Free TTRPG Battlemap – Agarnoth’s Hold

Click image to download this free TTRPG battlemap of an Agarnoth’s Hold, then keep scrolling for the detailed adventure prompt written for it ?

Free TTRPG battlemap of an Agarnoth’s Hold

Within the swamp of Blackmire lies the personal hold of the orc war chief Agarnoth. Built into a shallow cave on the outskirts of the orcish village of the Skulltakers the war chief uses this hold for feasts, sacrifices and meetings most foul.

Regional spies have come back with reports that the war chief is holding a grand feast with leaders from the other orcish tribes soon, he intends to unite them under his banner, destroy the nearby human settlement and then push down further into the human kingdom with the united war band.

You can not let this happen, whether through poisoning food, diplomacy, or brute force you must stop this meeting and if that means killing everyone, so be it!

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