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Free TTRPG Battlemap – Arena of Glory

Click image to download this free TTRPG battlemap of a Arena of Glory, then keep scrolling for the detailed adventure prompt written for it ?

Free TTRPG battlemap of a Arena of Glory

After a heavy storm uncovers a pass to a lost city in the mountains, rumors start circulating the countryside, tales of treasure, gold and fame to be found within it’s halls drive you to seek out this ancient place.

You follow the directions given from some locals and after several days travel you arrive at your destination. You enter the halls dispatching small threats that have now made this place their home before finding yourself in a hexagonal room with a ceiling some hundreds of meters above you.  

Upon entering however the door closes behind you and the floor starts to rise, transporting you higher into the gloom above. After moving up for some 20 seconds, light begins to peek through the darkness as if two sliding doors are opening above.

The platform continues rising until you’re bathed in sunlight and heat. You stand in an arena of stone, and chains, while flames beat down on you from all around. A crowd of hundreds of men and women cheer from the arenas stands. “May these be worthy!” a desperate man in fine garb calls down from the balcony above before you’re attacked by a group of men wearing minimal leather armor and covered in red tattoos from the other side of the arena.

What’s going on? This place was originally set up long ago as a prison for a great evil that dwelt below however it “vanished” after a massive landslide cut it off from the rest of civilization. The inhabitants had children and their children had children but overtime the prison began to break and the evil began to spread it’s tendrils. Fertility dropped and less children were born each generation and those who were born sometimes suffered horrible defects.

Today only one keeper is left, he stands on the balcony above you, a powerful old wizard focusing on the magic of illusion. After being alone for so long he found refuge only in the study of his peoples magical writings and so he has recreated them as illusions including all the peoples in the arena stands and the men you fight within the arena.  

The wizard has also been the catalyst for all of this, after the storm opened the pass once again he sent out magical messages giving rumor to this city and treasures it may hold. He requires heroes with strength of mind to help defeat the evil that will soon be released within the failing prison before his frail body and mind fail him. Will you help him? Or has his grand deception turned you against him?

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