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Free TTRPG Battlemap – Floating Sky Isles

Click image to download this free TTRPG battlemap of Floating Sky Isles, then keep scrolling for the detailed adventure prompt written for it.

Free TTRPG battlemap of Floating Sky Isles

On top of this freebie come 7 premium variants to choose from, including Mononoke Forest; Underdark Ritual Site Entrance; and others such as the Decaying Dread Realm, where you can stop a powerful necromancer from escaping! Take a look at them here.

Free Adventure Prompt for Floating Sky Isles

You receive a vision of a growing darkness that wells up from within the earth, consuming all that stands within its path. But you also see a source of hope, an ancient artifact that can be used to create powerful weapons. You see yourself and your party fighting off the evil, all with legendary arms. Your destiny awaits you, within a magnificent tree with an entrance beneath its roots…

Following a series of cryptic dreams that have given you clues as to where to go, you finally locate the tree. Its roots intertwine a set of floating isles, high above a forest. Finding a way to reach them, at long last you arrive. But, as you head towards the entrance beneath the roots, a spirit in the shape of an owl materializes before you, easily taller than two men.

He speaks in an echoing voice, asking what you are doing in this sacred place. If you explain that you seek the artifact, and why, he will say that what you search for is actually the heart of the ancient tree that holds up the floating isles. While he understands your plight, he will only retrieve a small sliver of the heart to give to you.

The spirit, Trutinor, says that if you use the sliver to forge a weapon, you will only be able to make one. But, if you nurture it, in 100 years’ time it will have grown large enough to create the cache of weapons you seek—but by then it may be too late. He cannot permit you to take any more than that sliver, however, for to do so would destroy the heart forever; killing the great tree.

WHAT’S HAPPENING? It was a demon that sent your vision, manipulating you further through dreams to reach this location and seize the heart of the tree.

Should you attempt to take more of the heart to create the weapons your vision foretold, Trutinor will attack you. His neck will stretch out monstrously and he’ll also grow a long, sweeping tail. He will fight viciously to the death, calling forth vines and animals to his aid—and if he falls, he will bitterly curse mankind; wishing that you use what you forge of the heart to destroy yourselves.

Within the tree, as soon as the heart is cut free, the tree’s limbs will begin to twist and wither. The floating isles will shake terribly and break apart, before they begin their crashing descent to the earth below. Upon impact, the forest will split into a huge rift that opens a portal into the demon realms.

Then, as your vision foretold, darkness will well up from the earth…

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