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Fellspire Vampire Hunter’s Guild Free Triple-Level 40×30 Battlemap & Adventure

Fellspire Vampire Hunter's Guild Free Multi-Level 40×30 Battlemap & Adventure
Fellspire Vampire Hunter's Guild Free Multi-Level 40×30 Battlemap & Adventure
Download this Fellspire Vampire Hunter’s Guild free multi-level 40×30 battlemap & adventure, featuring cleansing a corrupted vampire slayer guild who have been infiltrated by the very monsters they hunted. VTT ready!

Fellspire Vampire Hunter’s Guild Free Triple-Level 40×30 Battlemap & Adventure

Resurrecting Sectatores Luiva

After assisting Gento at the secret ball within the city of Fellspire, a few days to a week later you are contacted by an orphan bearing a letter. It is marked with the wax seal of Gento’s lesser noble house. The letter explains that he requires your urgent assistance, asking you to meet him at his family’s spire before dusk tonight. He can’t say more in the letter in case it becomes compromised, but the envelope includes a token that allows outsiders to access the higher spire walkways which are normally reserved for those of the higher castes.

When you provide the token to any guards working at spire elevators or walkways, they give you a stern look and size you up before nodding and allowing you to ascend. Depending where you were in the city previously, it may take ten to fifteen minutes to arrive at Gento’s spire.

The spire itself is quite small and looks like it’s seen better days, with roof shingles missing in places and walls overrun by dying brown ivy. The garden growing off either side of the main path into the spire has also gone to weeds, with thorny roses and thistles.

The door to the spire is flanked by two small gargoyles which sit perched just above the entrance. A large brass dock knocker, shaped like a distorted face, is built into the thick ebony wood. After knocking, Gento cautiously opens the door. When he realizes it’s you he swiftly motions for you to come inside. The interior of the spire is in as bad a shape as the outside, with stacks of dusty books on every surface and cobwebs in all the corners.

Gento apologizes for the spire’s state of disrepair, explaining that after his father and mother died in mysterious circumstances, his noble house’s finances fell into ruin when many of their trade partners decided to go elsewhere. He’s tried to do the best he can, but with little to no income and no one to help it just hasn’t been feasible to keep the spire in order.

Leading you into another chamber, Gento sits you down at the one table you’ve seen which has been cleaned recently. He explains that he wishes this meeting was in better circumstances, but he desperately needs your help.

Yesterday, one of his informants was detained by members of the Sectatores Luiva, the esteemed vampire hunter’s guild which originally cleansed Fellspire of its bloodthirsty masters, hundreds of years ago. The guild however isn’t what it seems these days, having been among some of the first institutions to be infiltrated and taken over by the vampire covens. He suspects that, after the affair at the secret ball where you killed that vampire and his thralls, the other blood drinkers may be quite keen to learn anything they can about us.

Gento doesn’t doubt the detained informant’s loyalty to the cause, but the vampires will make him speak and when he does that will put everyone involved in danger–including yourselves.

Gento continues that he was in the process of a more subtle plan to take over the Sectatores Luiva, starting with his informant who was a new pledge, but now that he’s been found out there is no other option. Gento needs you to cleanse the remaining members of the Sectatores Luiva in their tower across town. He assures you that those within the guild have all fallen to the sway of the vampires, either taking bribes to look the other way like he did before he redeemed himself, or becoming thralls themselves.

If you suggest that those who have been bribed may be able to be reformed, Gento reluctantly agrees and suggests you just subdue those members until we can figure out what to do with them.

If you agree to the mission, he gives you the location of the spire and wishes you good luck.

When you arrive at the spire of the Sectatores Luiva, you find a small courtyard fenced with metal pikes featuring a long pond. Inside the interior of the tower you’re greeted by a man at a desk surrounded by bookshelves. If you ask to access higher levels of the tower he refuses, explaining that only members may go up there. If threatened however it becomes clear he is a simple clerk and a coward at that, immediately giving you permission to enter as long as his life is spared. If asked if he has taken bribes he lies and says he hasn’t, but is quick to change his mind when threatened again, making up excuses.

Making your way up the tower’s floors, it is clear that the turncoats have been destroying or desecrating sacred artifacts, as well as any useful information on how to effectively slay vampires. Many old books have large chunks of pages missing, while there are so many empty places on bookcases that they now resemble grins with missing teeth.

Continuing up the tower, you finally reach a walkway which brings you into the larger upper tower where the majority of the guild lies. Inside, you hear the voices of a handful of men and women chuckling while playing cards or some other gambling game. When they notice you, they’re quick to pull out daggers or other weapons.

They demand to know why you’re here, and if not given an adequate excuse will attack swiftly. Multiple of these members are thralls, while others have simply been bribed. Either way, if you get in a fight with them they refuse to back down, as failing their masters would make them as good as dead anyway.

When the group has been dealt with and you make your way down into the lower chamber where prisoners are held, you find a number of disheveled travelers being housed in the cells. When they notice you’re not members of the Sectatores Luiva, they quietly plead for your help–between the screams of agony coming from the other room.

They explain that the Sectatores Luiva Exarch is currently torturing the informant you’re looking for, but if you’re quiet they suggest you go to the Exarch’s quarters down the hall, recover his key and release them without him knowing. They, including yourself, could leave alive!

You don’t have much time to decide however, as the Exarch opens the doors to the torture chamber shortly after. He is wiping blood from an ebony stake, clearly used to torture the poor informant.

Appearing to have been aware of your presence all along, the Exarch nonchalantly asks you if you’ve come to take the place of his less than useful underlings, whom you so rudely–but clearly efficiently–defeated. As he speaks, his attention remains focused on cleaning the stake.

If you attack him, it becomes apparent that the Exarch is a fully fledged vampire. He fights back using the magical ebony stake and conjures up blood elementals from the grates beneath your feet.

During the fight, he monologues between attacks about how all humans are scared of their mortality and deep down crave eternal life. It is simply because they are unworthy of it that they seek to keep others, like vampires, from immortality as well. He simply realized this and changed his ways. It’s not too late for you to change your mind and join the superior race, he muses as the fight escalates.

After defeating the Vampire Exarch you can see the tortured informant motioning you to come closer. His breath is faint and his voice weak, but with his last breaths he says he didn’t break before passing away.

When you return to Gento and report what went down he is quiet for a moment, saying that his informant had a stronger will than he believed possible. Taking a moment, he makes a motion with his hands, praising the god of light and laying a blessing upon his informant’s soul, before thanking you for cleansing the Sectatores Luiva of their evil.

Though he doesn’t have much, as a show of appreciation Gento offers you some expensive wine that’s been in the cellar for a very long time while you discuss more of the details of the mission. When he hears that the Exarch was a full-fledged vampire, his face goes pale. He remarks that he had no idea, saying you are skilled indeed to have not only made it out alive, but also to have won the fight.

His face then becomes contemplative and introspective, and he slowly remarks that since the Sectatores Luiva has now been cleansed, the spire needs new masters. Masters who are true to the cause, and willing to rise up and cleanse the city of the vampire threat before it’s too late and history repeats itself.

He didn’t know who these vampire hunters might be, but now, after the strange way he  met you in the tavern that first time, and what happened at the ball, and now the events at the spire… He thinks you were sent from the god of light to save the city.

Looking up to meet your gaze, Gento asks if you would be willing to step up and resurrect the Sectatores Luiva with him; taking on the mantle of feared vampire hunters,  and following in the footsteps of their initial, brave founders to be the light that cleanses the darkness.

GM’s Notes:

If your players want to join the Exarch, he chuckles and says that to prove their loyalty they must first finish off the informant using the ebony stake.

This adventure was written for our Fellspire Adventurer’s Guide. If you’d like 5 more adventures and maps for this location, plus even more info and world building for the city, lootable items, NPCs, and more, check out the guide this was written for!

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