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Black Lance Mercenary Guild Hall Free Multi-Level 40×30 Battlemap & Adventure

Black Lance Mercenary Guild Hall Free 40x30 Multi-Level Battlemap & Adventure
Black Lance Mercenary Guild Hall Free Multi-Level 40×30 Battlemap & Adventure, featuring a woman’s quest for vengeance. VTT ready!

Black Lance Mercenary Guild Hall Free Multi-Level 40×30 Battlemap & Adventure

For Vengeance

While enjoying the ambience of a city tavern, you notice a pair of heavily armed and armored warriors enter. They casually look around at the patrons before their gaze alights on you. The pair are a man and a woman, both appearing strong and handling themselves in a manner of experienced fighters.

They stroll in your direction, receiving nervous glances from the nearby patrons before they stand before your table.

“Could you spare a minute?” the woman asks. “We’re looking for help on a dangerous job, if you’re interested.” If you agree to hear them out, they sit opposite you and get as comfortable as they can in their heavy gear.

“I’m Mira, and this is Stennis,” she continues. The big man nods but remains silent. “We are soldiers employed by a minor lord in a recent conflict. We faced a larger force of marauders, and our lord felt we did not have the strength required to carry the day.

“So, he hired the Black Lance mercenaries to bolster our numbers,” Mira explains, while her companion’s face grows more stern and bitter by the second. “We didn’t think much of their people. Loud, drunk and poorly equipped, they brought numbers to our side but little else.”

“Unprofessional,” Stennis grunts, “among other things.”

“I’m getting to that,” Mira reminds him. “The battle was joined, and the Black Lance operated on the flanks of the engagement, hemming in the marauders, or so we thought. We noticed that few of them were actually pressing the attack, and they seemed to be focused on holding position more than anything else.”

“Fortunately, our soldiers proved to be more than a match for our foes, and quickly took the upper hand in spite of the Black Lance dragging their feet. When it looked like we were about to break through, that’s when things changed.

“They turned on us,” Stennis growled, clenching his fist. “Turncoat dogs, they had taken a bribe from the marauders who gave them a better deal.”

“Flanked and surprised,” Mira continues with an emotionless voice, “we had no chance. Stennis and I were the only survivors, wounded but alive beneath a mound of our comrade’s bodies.”

“And now here we are, back to take revenge,” Stennis says coldly. “The Black Lance headquarters are within the walls of this city, not far from here. We intend to make them pay for their treachery, but even with our skill, equipment and righteous fury, we cannot take so many by ourselves. Will you aid us? They are quite wealthy and we will split the takings with you fairly.”

If you agree to accompany them, Mira shakes your hand and bids you follow them. If you do, you all travel together through the city for about twenty minutes before coming to a halt at an alleyway which opens out into an open area. At the end of the street is a guild house with the Black Lance banner prominently displayed. Mira and Stennis ready their axes and shields, and bid you prepare yourself too.

“The plan is to bust in their front door,” she explains, “then head down the stairs, clearing the place out while we look for their leader, Captain Bekhim.. He’s the real target here, but I’ve no problem with stomping on their toy soldiers as we go. Ready? Let’s head in.”

Mira and Stennis emerge from the alleyway and stride towards the door, when from the surrounding buildings, archers emerge from hiding and start shooting! If you assist, you can take out the archers while Stennis charges at the entrance to the Black Lance guild, on the right side.

Once you’ve finished the archers, you can join the others inside the building where some of their less experienced fighters attempt to defend the hall. Should you survive the fight, Mira finds the stairs down and leads you to the next level.

Should you follow, you emerge onto a mezzanine overlooking a feast hall below. Stennis takes the lead, holding his shield up as he smashes through a doorway into a large hall, filled with warriors who tremble at your approach!

“I’m going to coat the walls with turncoat guts,” Stennis bellows. “In the name of the fallen, you will pay for your treachery!” A few wisely run, but the rest charge to attack! If you survive, Stennis wipes his ax blade of blood.

“We need to find the captain,” he mutters. “This isn’t over ‘til that bastard’s head comes off his body.” Mira heads back to the mezzanine, and should you follow, leads you down the stairs to the lower level. This area appears to be a barracks, but nobody is in the beds at the moment. There’s a large feast hall around the corner, where more mercenaries await you! This lot is being led by their captain, decked out in quality armor and sporting a deadly greatsword.

“Understand that it was just a business transaction,” he explains, nervous in spite of outnumbering you. “There was nothing personal about it!”

“I hope the money was worth it,” Mira cries, while Stennis moves in to engage, aiming directly for the mercenary captain. His cohorts try to block your way, but if you finish them off, you can assist the others in taking down their leader once and for all.

Should you survive the battle, Stennis cut’s the captain’s head off, as promised, then suggests you loot the place before you head out. “You’ve earned your cut, and honored the memory of our fallen comrades. Thank you.”

GM Notes: Most of the mercenaries are wearing light armor, with wooden shields and inferior weapons, but Captain Bekhim is well-equipped and is a formidable warrior. Scatter some random equipment and treasure throughout the base!

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