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Free TTRPG Battlemap – Lake Village of Obira

Click image to download this free TTRPG battlemap of the Lake Village of Obira, then keep scrolling for the detailed adventure prompt written for it.

Free TTRPG battlemap of a Lake Village of Obira

‘Stop before it’s too late! This is against our traditions!’ You hear an old man yell. Turning, you see him pushed down by a soldier. ‘You don’t understand what you’re doing!’ Pleads the scraggly-looking man, struggling to rise. ‘If you continue to over-fish like this, you’ll break our accord!’

The soldier laughs and glances at her team, who are busily loading crates and barrels onto a cart. ‘Your superstitions won’t protect us from this war, only our allies will. Now, begone hermit!’

‘I arrived too late,’ the man whimpers as you hear a rushing noise. Turning, you’re drenched with a tall wave. Blinking away water, you glimpse a silvery-green tail, as long as several men and nearly as thick. It disappears amidst the houses ahead of you, breaking them apart and leaving floating timber in its wake…

What’s happening? Generations ago refugees fled a tyrant, traversing treacherous mountains to survive. It appeared they would starve until they found the lake, but when they cast nets a huge, green Asian Lung dragon emerged; it’s eyes glowing white, its long body coiling and twisting like a serpent’s.

The refugees believed the monster would be their death. Instead, the dragon spoke to them, saying they could fish and even find sanctuary in the lake, so long as they only took what they needed to survive, and no more. So the village was founded.

Generations later, their pact with the dragon has fallen into superstition. Caught between two warring nations, the villagers chose to increase their production and provide supplies to the stronger army, in return for protection against the aggressing nation.

The hermit, who lives alone on the far side of the lake, has often claimed to have conversations with the dragon, but the villagers dismissed him as delusional. A friend to the Lung, he was gifted a Cosmic Pearl, which he uses to magically replenish his food stores once a day. If the dragon survives, he will gift it to you in thanks for a peaceful resolution.

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